7 Stereotypes Associated With Literature Students

4:00 am 7 Jul, 2014


Are you a student of literature in India? Well, it doesn’t matter where in India you’re located, if you’re a literature student in India, be rest assured that at one point of time or another (if not ALWAYS), you will be associated with irritating stereotypes that are constantly associated with literature students in our country. If you’re still wondering what those stereotypes are, don’t have to look hither and thither for it! Here we’ve listed few of the stereotypes that people in India generally associate all the literature students with—

7. You have the whole of Shakespearean Sonnets and Famous Soliloquies by Heart

Don’t be afraid; we know that no matter how scholarly a person you are, it is impossible to have by heart all the 154 sonnets and the innumerable great soliloquies. But guess it’s high time people, who love to throw people amidst hi-fi stereotypes, get a stern reality check! Besides, dude, literature doesn’t start and end with Shakespeare—grow up!

You have the whole of Shakespearean Sonnets and Famous Soliloquies by Heart

6. Bags Mean Only Jholas


We might love or hate jholas or we might carry them solely to pull in a fashion statement, but for the rest of the world, we carry jholas because we are identified by them—they make a part of us. In fact, if you’re carrying some other fashionable handbags or totes, you’ll instantly receive a comment, “are you sure you’re a literature student”? PS. Have you ever heard of Boho-Chic fashion?

Bags Mean Only Jholas

5. Kurta Over Jeans!

Now this is one damn irritating. If you visit the rules and regulations of most of the Indian Universities and colleges, you’d find that there’s a strict dress code that says anything above the knee shouldn’t be worn. And, with the climate that India has, what else to wear other than loose tees or kurtas over baggy denims or Indian styled trousers? So, we’d love to put it this way—comfort is synonymous to fashion for us, and it’s not the other way round.

Kurta Over Jeans!

4. Discotheques and Lounges—A Strict No-No!

Err…another mistake! Yes, we love to spend hours over chai at the college canteen or the roadside tea stalls and we do love our libraries, but what makes you have the premonition that we do not, or rather, we despise visiting discotheques and night clubs! Grow up, man! We’re a colorful lot who knows exactly how to enjoy every aspect of our lives! Yea—you can be jealous too!

Discotheques and Lounges—A Strict No-No!

3. Always Into Books

Hell yes! We love our subjects and that’s why we’ve simply chosen literature over myriad other streams. And, since it’s literature, no way can we “mug” things up like you do and simply present it on to the papers. But if you think, we’re always studying, then, my friend, you better look up the dictionary and learn the difference between “reading” and “studying”.

Always Into Books

2. We Hate Bollywood

Another premonition gone wrong….! Loving or hating films are all about one’s own likes and dislikes and have nothing to do with his or her choice of streams. And, if you still think so, then yes, be happy to note that we’re simply an awesome group who can differentiate between good films and bad films, between good music and bad music. PS. Bollywood doesn’t start and end with the “dhishoom dhishoom” flicks or slapstick comedies. There’s more to it, my friend.

We Hate Bollywood

1. We’re A Nostalgic Lot

Now, don’t get shocked out of your seats! This is one of the most hilarious stereotypes associated with literature students ever! Yes, we do accept that we understand poetry and situations much better than you, or should we say, we’ve a real knack for life, but it’s okay! Chill! It’s just that we are trained to look at and appreciate the better things in life—and for that we constantly need to revisit the past! It’s absolutely okay if you’ve poor vision, if you know what we mean!


We’re A Nostalgic Lot

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