7 Sizzling Hot Indian Models Under 20

8:00 pm 11 Apr, 2014


If there’s one thing that really sells big in the contemporary age, it’s got to be the glamour and fashion—and what better place to get both of these but in the booming fashion industry of India! Come on, let’s agree, we all, in some way or the other want to share that glam and be like one of those models seated at the top for years. However, in this listicle, let’s do something new and try to chalk out a few of the upcoming hot Indian models who have it in them to make it to the zenith! Here we go—

7. Kanchan Tomar

At 20, she is one of the sexist damsels in the country. With a height to envy and an equally charming personality which oozes confidence, Kanchan Tomar won the hearts of many at the Kingfisher Model Hunt 2013—and all these accolades came at a tender age of 19! A part of many big fashion events all over the country, if she continues at this pace, she might well be the numero uno in years to come!


6. Anukriti Gusain


Born in the picturesque city of Lansdowne in Uttarakhand, Anukriti Gusain is one of the most beautiful girls to have entered the fashion industry. Backed by the Miss India Bride of the World title and with a figure and looks to kill for, she’s in this circuit surely to stay. All of 19 years, she’s currently studying Computer Science Engineering at Dehradun Institute of Technology. Do you still think beauty and brains cannot co-exist?


 5. Zoya Afroz

All of 20, this sizzling maiden from the City of Nawabs, Lucknow, has won the hearts of many as a child artiste in quite a number of Hindi films and serials. Even now, with her blue eyes and sharp features, she continues ruling the glam world as one of the upcoming talents in the fashion industry. Zoya’s escalator to the zenith was her terrific performance in the Miss India Contest which won her the crown of the Miss India Runner Up.


4. Pardeep Bassi

An Indian by birth and at heart, this maiden from Canada was purely academic till college, when she discovered her passion for lights and make-up, and switched over her base to India to explore a career in Fashion and Modeling. She’s hailed as the “Angelina Jolie of India” and has recently participated in the famous and most appreciated Kingfisher Supermodels Hunt, 2014. If looks could actually kill, India’s urban population might just have been halved by now!

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3. Bianca Bodis

Okay, she’s not an Indian by birth, but at heart she’s a true-blue Desi! With a slender figure, those never ending long legs, this lassie from Germany, all of 19, is here not only to win the Kingfisher Model Hunt Competition but also make a long lasting mark in the Indian Fashion scenario. And, the confidence with which she faces and teases camera, we cannot but agree with her. Welcome to India, Bianca!


2. Neelam Gill

If we’re talking about Indian models, then we shouldn’t forget Neelam Gill, an 18-year-old sensation who’s talking the whole fashion world by storm. This lassie from England hit it off at the London Fashion Week last September, and by now, she has already walked at an array of fashion weeks for numerous famous designers, including the likes of Burberry and Jourdan Dunn to Christopher Bailey. Surely, this girl is surely a go-getter!


1. Jami Bulereig

No, she’s not an Indian by birth. But this South African lady based in India, with a heart purely Indian, will be done quite injustice if not placed in this list. With an easy-going attitude, sharp features and a long, slender figure which all of us only crave for, she hit off her career by walking with the Lakme India Fashion week last winter, and needless to say, she walked it with umpteen élan and grace!



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