7 Silly Things That Kill Your Immune System

Updated on 20 Dec, 2013 at 5:10 pm


Does your immune system cause you a lot of trouble on an everyday basis? Are you forced to take a day off from work quite often because of ill health? If yes, you sure have a weak immune system. There could be plenty of reasons that could kill your immune system, and it becomes important to diagnose the exact cause, only then can you find the right treatment. Having a vigorous immune system helps to defend the body against various kinds of harmful diseases and so it is important that you take proper care of your immunity and avoid things that can damage it. If you thought it was only serious neglect to health that lead to weaker immunity, check out these 7 silly things that kill your immune system, and you’ll know, how valuable are even the smallest changes in our lifestyle.

7. Inadequate Sleep:

Proper rest is what your body requires the most at the day’s end. Those with a hectic lifestyle usually don’t sleep for adequate number of hours at night. This doesn’t allow our immune system to rebuild itself and remain healthy and strong. As you lose on your sleeping hours, the number of T cells also reduces in the body. Generally, it has been observed that people who don’t get enough sleep in a day are more likely to get sick on being exposed to even weakest of the viruses. 7 Silly Things That Kill Your Immune System

6. Obesity:

Obesity is one of the major factors that affect the ability of white blood cells to reproduce. Additionally, your body reduces the ability to produce antibodies and prevent inflammation. As per one of the medical studies conducted in the University of North Carolina, obesity reduces the body’s ability to kick start the immune system to fight against disease like influenza. 7 Silly Things That Kill Your Immune System

5. Improper Diet:

People who consume refined sugars and fast food in high proportion are more vulnerable to various chronic health problems. Highly processed foods and chemical additives weaken the immunity system. According to medical experts, ability of white blood cells to kill harmful bacteria decreases in case of a person who is habitual to sweetened soft drinks. Which is why, dieticians always advice to include fruits, vegetables and low-fat milk in the daily diet. 7 Silly Things That Kill Your Immune System

4. Dull Lifestyle:

Anyone who lives a dull lifestyle usually finds himself cornered with plenty of health ailments. A lifestyle devoid of physical exertion, will lead to decreased blood flow, which in turn leads to accumulation of toxic waste in the body. This is the reason why physicians advice people to walk for at least 20 minutes every day. Brisk walking can help in controlling blood pressure levels and enhance circulation of antibodies and white blood cells in the body, which are important for fighting harmful diseases. People who don’t work out regularly are twice as more vulnerable to get ill in comparison to their counterparts. 7 Silly Things That Kill Your Immune System

3. Overdose of Medicines:

Excessive use of antibodies can weaken your immune system significantly, making you prone to various ailments. Research has proven that people who consume excessive antibiotics have reduced level of cytokines, which are the hormone messengers of the immune system. Also, you are more inclined to develop resistant bacteria, if you continue consuming medicines in excess. 7 Silly Things That Kill Your Immune System

2. Alcohol Abuse:

Alcohol is one of the major culprits, which when consumed in excess can reduce the ability of the white blood cells to kill harmful bacteria in the body. It has been commonly observed that those who consume alcohol in high proportion on a regular basis are more prone to contracting cold related health problems. Alcohol is also responsible for increasing your susceptibility towards diseases such as cancer. Also, you may develop cirrhosis (hardening of lover), which can further weaken your immune system. 7 Silly Things That Kill Your Immune System

1. Stress:


Chronic stress holds a major influence over your immune system. Not only does it make you more prone to diseases such as cold and flu, but also leads to more serious health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure. If stressful situations are allowed to last over a longer period of time, cortisol levels of the body are raised and production of ‘good’ prostaglandins decreases. This is what makes your immune system weak, making you susceptible to various kinds of health problems. 7 Silly Things That Kill Your Immune System

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