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7 Roadside Eating Joints In Delhi You’d Love

Published on 28 December, 2013 at 3:00 am By

Eating out in Delhi is not just about food, its one incredible experience in itself. Delhi with its diverse variety of people and amalgam of many cultures takes the street food to another level. The variety of foods offered by some lesser-known eating joints in Delhi is of unmatched quality, which offers something for ever taste bud to savor irrespective of the season.


Chandni Chowk is best known as the street Food Capital of Delhi. There is so much for everyone here, plus the food tastes great too! Relying much on your sense of smelling and taking a little stroll in these streets is sufficient to locate the best rabri, chaat or masala chai stalls here. But of course, one can never return without visiting the landmarks, which include Karim’s, Parathe Wali Gali, Natraj Dahi and the world famous jalebis. But wait a minute the Walled city has a lot in store for all the foodies out there! Go for a real walk down the diagon-alleys to unfold the most famous and scrumptious street food delicacies within Delhi.

7. Golgappas at Bengali Market

For the heavenly golgappas with the perfect stuffing of chick peas, mashed potatoes, hari chutney, sonth and spicy jal-jeera, you must definitely head over to Bengali Market. They offer some of the best treats to satisfy your taste buds.

7 Roadside Eating Joints In Delhi You'd Love

6. Momos at Momos Wali Aunty near Lajpat Nagar

Want to munch upon some delightful momos to dose off this winter chill then momos wali aunty is one of the best options for the ones residing in or near Lajpat Nagar market. It’s a small stall located just at the entrance of the market. If you happen to be there for shopping, then I can certainly bet that you just can’t get started with your shopping spree until you savor some of those palatable momos.

7 Roadside Eating Joints In Delhi You'd Love

5. Shawarmas at the Al-Bake, New Friends Colony

When in Delhi, you really do not need to go around the entire city to decide upon the best Shawarmas. All you need to do is simply get up and go straight to Al-Bake situated in the New Friends Colony market. The Shawarmas offered here are sure to beat the most authentic Shawarmas of Dubai. No Shawarmas stand any chance in-front of the ones served here. But yes one very important tip, avoid going there by yourself if you are excessively hygiene conscious. It’s a pretty tiny shop with tables lined inside as well as outside.


7 Roadside Eating Joints In Delhi You'd Love

4. Aalu Sabzi and Kachori at Dinesh Kachoriwala, Nai Sadak

A heavenly crispy kachori stuffed with the spicy masala, when dipped into the tangy aalu sabzi offers such a delight that can transform any drab day better.  Dinesh Kachoriwala situated on Nai Sardak has been offering his toothsome hot plate aalu sabzi and kachori form his past three generations. This is must visit destination for all the kachori lovers in Delhi.

7 Roadside Eating Joints In Delhi You'd Love

3. Samosa at Munni Lal Halwai Samosa Shop, Gol Market

Many hearts in Delhi beat for this little triangular piece of delight. The best part about samosas in Delhi is that you are sure to find these fabulous triangular pieces at carts around the entire city and it becomes extremely difficult to select the best amongst them. However, to pick one then Munni Lal Halwai Samosa Shop (frontier Waale) situated in Gol Market becomes quite mandatory to mention. The samosa’s offered here overwhelms your senses and are a wholesome treat for your taste buds, which you keep relishing even when you finish off eating.

7 Roadside Eating Joints In Delhi You'd Love

2. Aalu Tikki and Chaat ar Bittoo Tikki Wala

The very famous Bittoo Tikki Wala was once a simple cart seller, who today owns his franchises in various parts of Delhi. Thankfully, the steaming hot, fuller & crispy tikki that doles out at all these places has remained standardized and has not change a bit in its quality of taste.  BTW by far offers the best tikki’s to ideally beat the chilling winter winds in Delhi. The original BTW, however maintains itself at Pitampura.

7 Roadside Eating Joints In Delhi You'd Love

1. Chole Bhature at Sitaram Diwan Chand, Paharganj

Chole Bhature can also be rightly called as the king of all the Indian street foods. There is hardly anybody who can resist munching upon the yummy Chole’s along with the deep fried balls of wonder. If you truly want to savor upon the much desired and best served Chole Bhature in Delhi then Sitaram Diwan Chand, situated in Paharganj is the best option for you in Delhi. Sitaram delectably lines the bhature with fresh paneer shreds with the very delicious, mouth-watering and irresistible spicy chole.


7 Roadside Eating Joints In Delhi You'd Love

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