7 Reasons Why You Should Watch Amitabh Bachchan’s Yudh

Updated on 8 Oct, 2014 at 5:01 pm


It’s going to take exactly a month. What will? You guessed it right, it’s Amitabh Bachchan’s Yudh that we’re talking about. Bachchhan, as you know, has had his stint with television with the Kaun Banega Crorepati series. However, with Yudh, he plunged into acting on the small screen. It’s going to be Big B’s first ever television series, where he acts with film and theatre actors for a finite television series. But, don’t you even try to find a connection with “24” featuring Anil Kapoor – it is way, way different. Look at the points underneath to know why it’s a must-watch and why it’s one of a kind:

7. Because there’s Amitabh Bachchan in it

Do you need anything else? Give us Big B on television and you’ll get us hooked, any day, any time. Bachchan’s star power and powerful presence brings a lot to the show. All the actors alongside him are equally good and they complement each other. When you have an actor of his stature around, it’s difficult to go wrong anywhere. The intense look in his eyes makes us want to watch him more and more. How we wish Yudh wasn’t for just a month. One thing is for sure – Bachchan has shredded a lot of his star image and got into the shoes of his character like never before. The helplessness in his character could have only been brought forth by Big B.

Because there’s Amitabh Bachchan in it

6. Because Anurag Kashyap rarely goes wrong


For those of you who haven’t been missing even a single episode of Yudh, know very well how great a director Ribhu Dasgupta is. Each and every frame brings a noir effect, which in turn grabs our attention even more. Realism in the small screen is perhaps a genre not yet discovered in India. But with Yudh, you can expect much larger changes. And then you have Anurag Kashyap as the Creative Director. He is someone who seldom goes wrong with his projects. One can simply watch a film or a series if his name is mentioned. All you know is that Kashyap will anytime, anywhere, come up with something new.

Because Anurag Kashyap rarely goes wrong

5. It’s not only a Thriller but a Psychological One

Don’t we just LOVE psychological thrillers? They really give that extra edge to any normal, run of the mill thriller. And, this one is a psychological thriller. You have Amitabh Bachchan’s character suffering from an incurable neurological disease, which forms the crux of the thriller. Those who have been watching have already got a glimpse of AB’s behavioral changes as his symptoms get clearer and clearer. A psychological thriller is the best form of thriller for most of us. Things happening inside the mind call for attention and curiosity, don’t they?

It’s not only a Thriller but a Psychological One

4. It’s a break from those Never Ending, Absurd Daily Soaps

You won’t find them celebrating a success party for the completion of a thousand plus episodes, thankfully. It’s absolutely not a never ending saas-bahu tear-fest that hates to stop. This miniseries will last only a month long and grip you in your seats just as much. Also, you won’t encounter any memory losses, cosmetic surgeries, caked actresses, dead-pan acting and oodles of glycerin. If you’ve missed an episode of Yudh, you’ve missed a huge chunk of it. It’s a complete break from daily soaps where you can figure out what’s happening even after 2-3 months (courtesy constant flashbacks).

It’s a break from those Never Ending, Absurd Daily Soaps

3. Because it’s meant for all, from 6 to 60

There’s a bit of violence, yes, but that’s almost negligible if you consider Anurag Kashyap. Apart from that, Yudh can easily be regarded as a family-watch. It’s not strictly limited to the views of certain members of the family who love to cry looking at the desolate wives. Enjoying an hour of family-time in front of the television is no bad idea at all. Also, the time frame allows even the last-arrived individual in the family to not miss it. We’re sure you’re going to miss it when it’s over.

Because it’s meant for all, from 6 to 60

2. A One-of-a Kind Thriller with an Alarmingly Slow Pace

Slow pace and thriller never went together. Says who? You should give Yudh a watch before drawing such a conclusion. You’ve seen 24 where pace was a huge factor and it surely got us hooked. But here you have Yudh, which, in spite of being a thriller manages to keep a really slow pace. That’s the skill of the director – to build the thrill and suspense keeping the pace really slow. And, it surely doesn’t bother you once you’ve got used to it.

A One-of-a Kind Thriller with an Alarmingly Slow Pace

1. No More Depending on Foreign TV Shows

TV series for us have always meant some US based television series which happens every season in a different way. We’ve been praising their way of making and our lack of it. Be it sitcoms or fast paced thrillers or crime stories. We’ve had barely one or two shows which were unlike the daily soaps. And that was exactly the reason why we hated to watch our Hindi TV channels. With Yudh, you can expect more of the same to be made. We can’t wait.


No More Depending on Foreign TV Shows

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