7 Reasons Why We Love Tea More Than Coffee

3:00 am 21 Jul, 2014


To have tea or to have coffee that is the question. You’ve heard this question a dozen times and have also asked another dozen times. Most chose tea over coffee, any day. Coffee is a universal favourite, but, when it comes to getting refreshed nothing beats the power of a hot cup of tea. Coffee is for certain times, while tea is for always. None of us even think before we order our cup of tea – be it in a bhar, a plastic glass or an expensive cup. With milk, liquor or masala – tea is a wonder. Let’s get into the reasons why we almost always chose tea over coffee:

7. Because it’s TEA

Piping hot tea – that’s all you need to get you through the day. Don’t even the lamest of biscuits or cookies taste lovely with tea? From milk tea to lemon tea, masala tea to liquor tea – there is no version of this wonder drink which you don’t love. We’ve all burnt our tongues at least once in our lifetime while sipping on a hot cuppa, but hey, who remembers? It’s the best of beverages ever made and is going to remain the same. Coffee, cocktails, alcohol, cold drinks, who?

Because it’s TEA

6. No Morning is a Morning Sans Tea


Nothing beats the refreshing feel of sipping a hot cup of tea in the morning, right after we wake up. With the newspaper in hand, your cup of tea can make you feel in heaven. Kudos to the person who invented something as golden as morning tea. Imagine how boring and blah your mornings would be had you not been served with a hot cuppa? It’s a habit we Indians can never get rid of. And, who really wants to? Not to forget, it helps us a great deal with our bowel movement.

No Morning is a Morning Sans Tea

5. A Break Deserves Some Tea

Any office or college break needs to be utilized in the utmost by devoting at least 5 minutes of it with a cup of tea. Fancy this: You’ve somehow scraped through falling asleep in your college class and the bell rings. What do you do to energize yourself (even if for another round of dozing off)? You rush to the canteen and gulp a glassful of tea. Even in office breaks, none can really think of having lunch without a good helping of tea. It is the most important beverage to get us ready and steady.

A Break Deserves Some Tea

4. The Delights of Masala Chai

At the end of everything, we are Indians. And, everything spicy has something to do with us. We’ve even managed to transform tea into its masala avatar. And boy, it tastes wow! We’ve had various kinds of masala chai since it varies from place to place. You can try making it yourself in different tastes – use the individual spices used in garam masala and mix and match. Spices and tea is a match made in heaven – and once in a while who doesn’t love to have a dash of spice in the good old tea?

The Delights of Masala Chai

3. The Super Healthy Green Tea

Health and coffee may not be the best of friends but tea sure is. Green tea, especially, is one of the healthiest herbs available. One of the keys to maintain a great figure is by regularly having a cup of green tea. It’s refreshing, healthy and tasty too. What else do you need to make your day? If something so delightful has such health benefits, then, coffee comes much, much after it. Sometimes, we forget coffee in the middle of such wonders.

The Super Healthy Green Tea

2. Your Coffee Tastes the Same, While every Cup of Tea is Different

You have a coffee maker for your coffee. You can also make it by pouring hot milk in a cup with instant coffee granules. It requires absolutely no expertise or a sense of flavours. Tea, on the other hand, has to be made with a lot of care and knowhow. If you are unaware of the specific flavours of the spices, or the exact amount of milk required, or, the amount of tea leaves required, your tea will be a disaster. Each cup of tea bears a different taste, which is the mark of the maker. On the other hand, coffee, has only one taste. How we love to have that special cup of tea made by that special person!

Your Coffee Tastes the Same, While every Cup of Tea is Different

1. The Greatest Way to Bond

The easiest, loveliest and the best way to bond with friends, parents, colleagues and children is over a cup of piping hot tea. Tea serves you with the best of moments and opportunities to gather with your loved ones and have a fun time. Coffee does it too, but its aroma and taste are too overpowering. It takes away the easy charm and freshness that a cup of tea would offer you. You take a sip and pour your heart out. Moments of a lifetime are born.


The Greatest Way to Bond

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