7 Reasons Why It’s A Bad Idea Trying To Understand A Woman

Updated on 6 Aug, 2014 at 3:09 pm


If you ask any man what the most difficult subject that he’s been trying to cope with all his life, the answer will be an impromptu one — a women! Yes, it’s a subject difficult than history and more complex than Mathematics, still has such a strong attraction that people can’t help, but try harder and harder each day to understand the subject. Anyway, we’ve choose to spell out the truth in plain and simple words; and that is—you’d never be able to understand a woman, no matter how hard you try. Why? Well, read along to know the reasons.

7. “You’re the greatest gift of my life”

Yes, you’d find her repeatedly uttering these words whenever you shower gifts on her, or when you even buy a flower for her! But have you ever tried to present to her only your love? Try it once, and you’d be blown over for the worse! She’d always express her love for you as the only thing she ever wants, and on the other hand would fight a world war in case you don’t shower gifts on her! So, never go by what she says, go by what she doesn’t! Crazy, eh? Well, that’s what women are all about!


6. “I’ve become a fat pumpkin, didn’t I baby?”


This is one staple dialogue among the girls. And, in this case too, you gotta keep your mouth shut, or go against what she proclaims. If, like a goody-goody boy friend, you acknowledge her proclamation then you’re gone for life, or at least for a week! Be prepared to face innumerable “You’re mean”, “You’ve grown out of love”, “I don’t seem the same to you” and all these dialogues over and over again!

“I’ve become a fat pumpkin, didn’t I baby?”

5. “Meet my Bestie..”“Meet-my-Bestie..”

All the girls have a deep and innate sense of loyalty and think it blasphemous to not have their boyfriends meet their best friends. Well, you might love this girl, but her friend might be way smarter than her and you could as well start liking her (but solely as a friend). Well, don’t do it—because if you’re caught laughing at her jokes, you’re gone again! We know what you’re thinking at this moment but we did warn you beforehand that never expect to know a woman completely!


4. She has an easy solution for everything

Be it tackling a wayward boss at office, or tackling peer pressure at home, your girl seems to have an easy solution for everything, especially when you’re at your wit’s end and don’t see anything else but frustration everywhere! And, often you’d find those immaculate decisions coming in at a time of her own personal crisis at home or work! No wonder, she’s difficult to understand!


3. Can settle in with a new family in a jiffy

In India, and in many countries in Asia and Africa, it is a ritual of women settling in with their in laws after marriage. While you find it extremely difficult to adjust with a new surrounding even while staying alone, did you ever imagine how a girl happily does so without uttering a single word? You might call it a ritual, but we call it “woman”!


2. She can wrap up perfect dishes

Women are born great cooks, we all know that, and there’s hardly a time when you don’t expect her to cook the perfect dishes for you! In fact, this wish doesn’t subside even while your girl friend or wife is a working lady! If not daily, but at least this wish is there thrice a week, and she doesn’t mind when you ask her so with a smile!

Could you double up as a homemaker and a professional man? Think twice before you answer!


1. She bears a huge baby bump and all those associated pangs smilingly!

She might panic with a teeny-weeny increase in weight, but if she’s carrying a baby, she’d happily endure it all—the increase in weight, the sleepless nights, the pangs of birth and of course, the umpteen back aches! Imagine what you’d have done when you’d be imposed with a super heavy baggage inside your tummy? Yes, that’s what we mean when we say women are difficult to understand!



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