7 Reasons Why You Should Actually Marry An Army Man

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Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 3:21 pm


Looking for a suitor for yourself with whom you can comfortably live your life. Well, this post especially lists out the reasons why you could marry an army man. Not that if you have already selected a man outside of the army, it wouldn’t work out. But if you are single and the cupid hasn’t struck yet, maybe you can find your best man in a well mannered army man.

7. Prestige

They represent our country and keep us safe from any external intrusion. Owing to the huge task on their shoulder, they not only have our respect but they very much deserve our respect. An army man is not the sole contributor in keeping us safe, equal contribution comes from their family, because of which we can safely sleep in our homes without worrying. So, you get the honor of experiencing the honor given to your husband and no wonder the wives feel swollen with pride.


6. Great Shape

You can hardly ever find an army man out of shape. As a result of their rigorous training and a schedule they are committed for, they are on the run 24×7. Not only does their routine work keeps them active but they like to stay active by involving themselves in activities other than what their profession demands. Not that their regime that they set for themselves doesn’t allow them to have fun. They  find time for that as well. So, if you want a healthy husband whom you don’t have to push to stay fit, marrying an army man would not have you face this problem.



5. Disciplined and Organized

Army men are extremely organized and lead a disciplined life. Thanks to the training they undergo, they believe in staying in neat and clean environment. Thus, not only will you find there things kept in order, you will find them not getting bored of indulging into this task daily. What a relief for the wife, who doesn’t have to spend her things organizing her husbands clothes and what a sight it is to see a prim and proper house.


4. Travel


The service demands army officials to shift places after a defined stay. This will allow you to explore the unexplored regions of the country. As not only will you get a chance to stay in cities, but also small cities, where you can lead a peaceful life, away from the hustle bustle of metropolitan. Now if you are a globetrotter, you passion will get wings to fly.


3. Benefits and Entitlements

Serving for the government, army men are entitled to many benefits and privileges. Starting from housing facilities to shopping for daily stuff tax free at the shopping facilities created at the military base, you can sit back and relax your legs from the unnecessary rides. Post retirement, you can lead a comfortable life with your husband with the pension that is entitled for the rank he retires on. So, comfortably you can lead your life with a job security that allows you to focus on other things.


2. Kids Future

Your kids can enjoy a comfortable life with hassle free education and privileges to inculcate in activities within the army boundary itself. Everything is just a walk away for you and your kid. As far as safety is concerned, in the army cantt boundaries you can at least be relaxed that your kid can walk freely without the risk of the fatalities a kid is susceptible to in the outside world.


1. Etiquette

You will be left spellbound with their etiquettes. They dress well, speak well and treat you well. There is nothing that doesn’t impress you about them. So, you might end up falling for your husband everyday, seeing what a right man he is with all the urbane taste in the world.