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7 Qawwali Singers Who Made Your Heart Flutter

Published on 4 March, 2014 at 2:00 am By

A beautiful Qawwali can bring life to any one of you who has been depressed for a long time. Music as we know is a healer like time. And the best way to enjoy music is definitely listening to a favourite Qawwali number by your favourite Qawwali singer. Qawwali is actually a form of Sufi devotional song. They are soulful and high on melody and can suit any occasion. These singers can easily, by voicing beautiful melodies, bring a smile to everyone’s face and make our heart flutter with joy and ecstasy. Here is a list of the seven best Qawwali singers:

7. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan


Quiet famous in the Bollywood front, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has a sensational voice which reverberates in our ears long after we have heard his songs and specially his Qawwalis. Sufi and Qawwali in Bollywood are mostly sung by him. There are many Qawwali tracks which have attracted the attention of us. Few of the best Qawwali songs are – , ‘Jane Ya Ali Ali’, ‘Aamde Mustafa Marhaba Marhaba’, ‘Har Mor Ek Nayi’, ‘Yaar Da Makaan’, ‘Jogi Banke Gali De Vich Aya’ and ‘Jinna De Mahi Door’. Like his father he too has a wonderful voice and it does bring a flutter in your heart, doesn’t it?

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

6. Mohammad Rafi

Mohammad Rafi is one of the most melodious voices in the industry. Indian films have heard a lot of him ranging from Qawwali to romantic numbers. His fans are spread throughout the world but each of us have at least once heard his Qawwali and felt special and wonderful, right? His voice is best suited for Qawwali numbers and here are few of them which you would love to listen on repeat mode – ‘Karam Ho Ya Ali’, ‘Ali Mushkil Kusha’, ‘Tum Ho Mushkil Kusha Tum Ho Sher e Khuda’, ‘Dunia Mein Mere Aabru Rakhna Meri Allah’, ‘Tu Rahim Hai Tu Karim Hai’, ‘Allah Hu Allah Hu’, ‘Waqia Karbala Ki Roadad’, ‘Saba Janab e Ali’, ‘Shah e Madina Sarwar e Alam’ and ‘Agar Kamli Wali Ki Rehmat Na Hoti’.

Mohammad Rafi

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5. Abida Parveen

Abida Parveen is the voice behind the infectious number of ‘Dum a Dum Mast Kalandar’. Her husky voice makes her different form the league. She has a voice which makes us want to go on listening to her songs all the time and most of all her Qawwali numbers. Her songs have been sung by many of her fans, but the intensity in her voice remains unique to her. You must have loved these Qawwali tracks by her – ‘Saahib Mera Ek Hai’, ‘Sanoon Ishq Laga Hai’, ‘Rajiye Naal De Sajan Rahiye’, ‘Rabba Mere Haal Da’, ‘Meri Bukal De Vich’, ‘Ho Hi Maula’, ‘Bhala Hua Meri Matki’, ‘Mann Lago Yaar’, ‘Arey Logo Tumhara Kya’ and ‘Meda Raanjhan Raawal Mange’ to name a few.


Abida Parveen

4. Noor Jahan

Apart from singing “Dum a Dum mast kalandar’ she has sang a wide range of Qawwali and other songs. A wonderfully soulful voice she is adored by audience all over the world. She might be one of your favourite Qawwali singers who have brought a flutter in your heart. Her best Qawwali tracks among a huge number are – ‘Mere Dil de Sheeshey’, ‘Too Te Meri Ankhiyaan’, ‘Ghungroo Mangde Tera’, ‘Fursat Mile Bula Liya’, ‘Ankhiyon Ni Badnaam’, ‘Ang Ang Phadke’, ‘Aseen kale Nahin’ and ‘Aahen Na Bharin Shikve Na Kiye’.

Noor Jahan

3. Aziz Mian

Aziz Mian Qawwal is one of the most famous Qawwali singers in India. You must have heard his beautiful voice belting out Qawwalis and Ghazals. His Ghazals also have a unique style of being sung almost like a Qawwali. A poet par excellence, his lyrics are highly philosophical. His beautiful songs include – ‘Hashr Ke Roz Yeh Poochunga’, ‘Ashiqui Dillagi Nahi Hoti’, ‘Akh Lar Gayee Yaar Naal’, ‘Bade Badnaseem The Hum’, ‘Jannat Mujhe Mile na Mile’, ‘Mein Sharaabi Sharaabi’, ‘Teri Soorat Nigahon Mein’, ‘Yeh Paisa Kya Karega’ to name a few.

Aziz Mian

2. Ustad Bahauddin Khan Qawwal

Ustad Bahauddin Khan is a descendant of the legendary Amir Khusro. He is from Pakistan and is one of the best voices in the country. His Qawwalis are a must listen for all of you Qawwali fans. His famous songs include – ‘Tum Sang Mohan’, ‘Hairat-e-Ishq Nahin’, ‘Man Lago Yaar Fakiri Mein’, ‘Man Kunto Maula (Qual Qalbana) among many.

Ustad Bahauddin Khan Qawwal

1. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Uncle of the great Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, he is the greatest Sufi, Qawwali and Ghazal singers ever to have lived. With an enchanting voice as his, each song sung by him brings life to it. He is the master of Qawwali and when you hear him it is like being in a different world altogether. Music does know no boundaries and the Qawwalis by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan are world class and their can be nobody who does not wish to hear them from him. The best from among many are – ‘Chhap Talak Sub’, ‘Doston Ki Shikayat’, ‘Hai Kahan Ka Irada’, ‘Tumhein Dil Lagi’.


Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

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