7 Problems Non-Religious People Have To Face In India

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Let’s face it; it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and by that I mean people of equal stature compete for victory. But it’s kind of ironic how we say that and still discriminate each other based on the most inhumane things. To be an agnostic or atheist is in itself a harsh reality, not only for those who realize it but for others around them. When the world starts to know that you question the existence of God, here’s some of the things you might begin to face, in India, for absolutely no reason.

7. You’re nothing but a second-hand sinner in your parents’ eyes

The most obvious backlash you might encounter is the disapproval of your parents (unless you have extremely cool ones). It’ll begin with tears from your mom, followed by glass-shattering screams from dad, complete silence and awkward moments for the next few days, relatives coming home and if your family is crazy enough, even an exorcism! Yes, the typical Indian family will not stand for their child being condemned to hell, so brace yourself for the emotional rollercoaster ride of a lifetime.

You’re nothing but a second-hand sinner in your parents’ eyes

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6. Society, in general, is so f*#$ing stupid

Of course, your parents won’t just sit around and moan the loss of their son/daughter. They’ll go on a gossiping spree, seeking “help” from whomever they see fit. Pretty soon your entire neighbourhood will know that you’ve spawned from the underworld and those who care might even come and visit you, give you their point of view. But that’s not the hard part; it’s when you realize that the world slowly starts looking, talking and treating you differently that you think this entire charade you’ve put yourself through was just a mistake, but it’s not. That’s what large groups of people are capable of doing. You have the freedom to believe whatever you want, and that’s the truth. The world doesn’t glamorize just one religion, and neither should you.

Society, in general, is so f*#$ing stupid

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5. Choosing not to be involved isn’t any option. They just suck everywhere.


You can try, but you’ll never escape it. People will constantly take you to “holy” events like the celebration of a new house, a new car, even a new cow if they so please, just as long as they can show the world that they’re going by the books. Wouldn’t be surprising if they tried to bring your faith back during one of these events either. Think about it; nothing sounds better than being publically announced, at a holy gathering, that you have a lack of faith and that you need help.

FYI: Don’t buy anything new in the near future, even if it’s just socks. You’ll never know when a priest will jump out of the closet and spray holy water all over you.

hoosing not to be involved isn’t any option

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4. Filling government forms? My name is Khan but I don’t believe in any religion.

This one will crack you up, because when you realize you’re not spiritual in the actual meaning of the word, then what are you? Well that’s a funny thing about our Government. It’s not actually seen as something possible, probably or even remotely real. So if you have to even apply or fill in a form which requires your religion, what can you possibly fill in? Here’s a hint; create your own box named ‘unsure’ and tick that.

Filling government forms

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3. Could Indian politics survive without The Game of Religion? Silly you!

Just so the above points didn’t make it abundantly clear, there’ not even a lighting-is-gonna-strike-you-twice chance of you possibly running for a seat in Indian politics. That’s the equivalent of throwing yourself in a lion’s den and hoping it’s vegetarian. Politics in India centres heavily on religion, whether it’s about the promises they make to separate religious groups or just influencing them under the table. Yes, politics is a dirty game, and this is one game even religion can’t make pure.

Could Indian politics survive without The Game of Religion

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2. Going through the god-awful wedding nuptials

If you’re an agnostic or atheist living in India and have a gun, don’t shoot yourself just yet. I have more. Marriage, the most sacred form of showing love, is religion based! By this, I mean that almost every religion has its own way of celebrating marriage, their ceremonies, rituals and vows. In India, marriage can sometimes be a two or three day ordeal. How’re you possibly going to sit through three days of swearing, crying and disapproving looks, given that you can ever reach that point? Most couples break up on the context of ‘incompatibility’ of their caste, if not religion. Basically, it’s like mountain climbing with a tooth-pick.

Going through the god-awful wedding nuptials

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1. Forever Alone


Lastly, the icing on the cake has to be your overall happiness. You’re a general disappointment to everyone you know and your life sucks. Based on the above points, you’re neither married nor have a job (based on religious grounds) or have a college seat, can’t speak to your parents or anyone around you and somehow cannot being forced into attending those religious events. It’s funny how the world is round and yet you feel like you’re falling off its edge. All you can do for your sustenance is finding like-minded people and places, which gives you the scope to live the way you want to.

Forever Alone

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