7 Most popular Cat Breeds In India

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11:00 pm 8 Jul, 2014

You can never own a cat and all feline owners will agree with me on this. Their intelligence has been underrated for centuries. Every time she meows and rubs herself against your leg, it warms up your heart and makes you feel so…so special. You find them in your attics; you find them in dark alleys or you see them looking at you with the most romantic eyes in the animal shelters. Melting your heart and pleading you to take them home. Though there are many cat breeds in India, here we list out some of them.

7. The Persian

It is the most filmed cat in Hollywood. With its long white hair and deep set eyes, this cat sure is a film star in every right. They are the best cats to keep in an apartment and are very popular in France and USA. These cats are a little fussy and need attention from time to time. But when they look at you with their loving eyes, they sure create some feline magic.

The Persian

6. The Maine Coon Cat

It is the oldest cat in the world and are found practically all over the planet. They can adapt to any kind of climate and are now getting popular in India too. These cats love to have fun and are very well behaved. The children adore them and they have the ability to charm all, suiting your unique personality.

The Maine Coon Cat

5. The Mumbai Cat

Their ancestors were the original black cats, which were taken to be cousins of the devil in some old civilizations. They have been classified in two interesting varieties – the British and the American Bombay. The Bombay cat looks very muscular but is a very agile cat, surprisingly. Their heads are very round and a little tapered on the sides. Their eyes look like liquid gold and are absolutely round. The coat is very shiny and not fluffy at all.

The Mumbai Cat

4. The Himalayan Cat

It is also called Point Persian in some Asian countries. You need to know beforehand that it has very long and fluffy hair, so keep a time slot for the brushing routine. It has the most beautiful blue eyes and sharp features like the Siamese. They look extremely pretty in white but can also be found in cream, red, lilac and brown hues.

The Himalayan Cat

3. The Siamese Cat

They are a common breed in South East Asia and their origin can be traced back to the nobles in Shanghai, who kept them as pets. They have distinctly slender legs and paws that are oval and small. The hind legs are always a little higher than the font legs. If you look closely, the face will look very similar to a triangle. The eyes look distinctly Mongoloid and are slanted towards the inside. The tail looks very dignified without any kinks. Mind you they need a lot of personal attention and actually start crying if you ignore them.

The Siamese Cat

2. The spotted Cat

They are the most common cats kept as pets in India. They are well suited to the climate and are called spotted cats because of the grey spots on their fur. Their tail is long and darker than the body. In other words they are the common alley cat you see every day. Next time you want to adopt a pet, get one from the animal shelter, she will stay by your side always.

The spotted Cat

1. The American Bobtail

You will recognize it by its bob tail. The length of the tail is one third of the total body length of the feline. They are known to be very sturdy and have coats with long hair. Their eyes can be of any color and look wild and fluffy no matter how much you brush them. They are a very playful lot and surprisingly like to play fetch like dogs. Owners please beware that they love to hoard shiny items in their favorite spots.

The American Bobtail


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