7 Plainly Awful Songs Of Himesh Reshammiya That Make You Puke

Updated on 19 Jul, 2014 at 2:06 pm


Himesh Reshammiya is a recognized name in Bollywood, who stunned the Hindi music industry with his nostril vocals. Overnight, the singer and music composer became a musical sensation and worked on several successful movie projects and pop albums.

But, as they say, the quicker one rises to fame, the deeper is the pit awaiting his fall. After getting so much love from the audience, he did something really cruel for his fans to digest – he started acting and that’s when the walls of success around him began to crumble.

His nasal singing suddenly become hard to stomach and this is when he came out with his most detesting songs that made even the heartiest souls puke. We’ve picked up the seven most awful songs, hear them out and test your patience.

7. Jhalak Dikhlaja (Aksar, 2006)


Ok, now who can ever forget the spirited rendition of Himesh Reshammiya when he sang Jhalak Dikhlaja – it would not even have provoked the ghosts to tap their feet if they heard it. Jhalak Dikhlaja from the movie Aksar was one of Reshammiya’s tortures that we all had to go through. Yes, it might have been peppy, but that’s all it had. And yes – who can miss the ‘tabla’ in the unplugged version trying hard to spice up the otherwise irksome song.

6. Mehbooba Mehbooba (Aap Kaa Surroor, 2007)

A song that officially declared peace between Asha Bhonsle and Himesh Reshammiya – Mehbooba Mehbooba was supposed to be a tribute to the legendary Panchamda aka R. D. Burman. However, what ultimately came out was a potpourri of sounds that surely made Burman cry. A funny number that must not be taken seriously!

5.  Mann Ka Radio (Radio, 2009)

Mann Ka Radio by Himesh Reshammiya was a big hit at the time of its release, but if you had to play it today – how will you react? The beats of the song were a replica of one of Savage Garden’s composition – “I Want You.” If that was not enough, Himesh even replicated the music video. To add to it, the tacky lyrics of the song by Subrat Sinha played the bigger devil.

4. Kajraare (Kajraare, 2010)

Though Sunidhi tried real hard to get her seductive tones in the prelude to give the song an international feel, what followed next was Himesh Reshammiya’s contemporary nasal twang singing that gave Kajraare a loud feel. Loaded with heavy duty electronic tuneful beats the song is sure to drive you insane with its lyrics.

3. Umrao Jaan (Damadamm, 2011)

Another funny, silly and abnormally irritating song of Himesh Reshammiya – Umrao Jaan will force you to bang your head right into the first thing that comes your way. Here, the rock star tries to experiment with his comical side and predictably the song supplies sufficient ammunition to tickle past your funny bones. A horrendous attempt by the singer, the song not only supports disgusting lyrics, but it’s the music also, which is sinfully obnoxious. The song should carry a statuary warning tag with it!

2. Po Po (Son of Sardaar, 2012)

Another one of the uncanny creations of Himesh – Po Po is loaded with absurd interludes that instantly fails to amuse the audience. Written by Shabbir Ahmed, guess the song was to feature itself as a full-on bhangra track, but it eventually turned out to be a big turn off for listeners – unless of course, you belong to the old school category of listeners who still fancy their favorite childhood rock stars.

1. Ice Cream Khaungi (Xpose, 2014)

And yes, Himesh Reshammiya has done it again! This time the cool rapper (Yo Yo Honey Singh) and the nasal singer have come together to confidently hum together the unbelievably hilarious lyrics. Though inspired by the ‘60s, the song actually reminds us all of a popular number from the 90’s. Just seconds after the songs starts and you’ll want to shut down your music systems. Plain replica of ‘Mera Dil Kho Gaya’ from the movie Aazmayish, the song is certainly a big turn off!


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