The 7 Perks Of Growing Up In An Indian Joint Family

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Updated on 19 Aug, 2014 at 2:21 pm


If you’ve seen any of Ekta Kapoor’s family dramas, you’ve actually seen just the tip of the iceberg called the “Fat Indian Joint Family.”  Buried underneath is lot more, and trust me not all is bad or villainous with these families. You don’t always meet the vamps or see women cutting and chopping vegetables all day long. In fact, their lives are so busy they get hardly get time to bitch and gossip over tea. Men can always find some idle time to spare in joint families, and households almost all the times remain cloaked in liveliness with people constantly making an earnest effort to adjust with other home mates. If you’ve lived in an Indian joint family, you’re most likely to find many of the following instances familiar. Let’s check them out:

7. Playing The Age Old Blame Game With Cousins

Since so many children are part of the same household, misplacing and breaking things will be seen often. What’s really adorable is how no one will ever own up to the crime and always find someone else to blame for their mischief. The younger cousins are always at the target, and if they’re not around, you’ll probably pretend you were not present at the scene for there’s no eye witness. The reality of such mischief is unearthed years later when during social gatherings you finally decide to reveal the truth and enjoy a hearty laugh. Playing The Age Old Blame Game With Cousins

6. The Inevitable Comparisons Among Cousins

Being born in a joint family is the first step to becoming more competitive. Parents will never stop comparing you with your cousins and how‘re they’re always better than you. The existence of peer pressure is going to be eternal. Your grandparents are most likely to take side of the cousins most obedient and respectful to them, and of course more than academics the comparisons will be made on how many well wishers in the family you’re able to garner. The Inevitable Comparisons Among Cousins

5. Report Card Exhibition


The most dreadful day in your life is bringing home your report card. You never know how your uncles and aunts will react to it and God save you if there’s a red mark visible anywhere. You’ve always got to be careful and selective – you’ve got to speculate, which uncle will save you, which one will bash you, and whether your grandparents will come to your rescue or not. If your marks are not good, be prepared to join your hands and ask for advance forgiveness. Report Card Exhibition

4. Birthday Parties Every Week

Life always remains livelier in joint families where Birthdays and Anniversaries remain lined up every other week. Planning for a surprise bashes is the best part. Most of the time, family members know it’s on the cards, and how they still pretend not to know is so adorable. Everyone’s excited to see the gifts they get, and here also comparison on who gave what is going to occupy a large chunk of the evening’s celebrations. Birthday Parties Every Week

3. There’s No Such Thing As Private Lives Or Personal Space

You’ll always share your meals with at least five other members, and probably watch TV with a greater number. The bedrooms are commonly shared among cousins and you’ll probably keep fighting for the bed you want. Whenever you go out to meet your boyfriend or girlfriend or even give them a call, someone in the house is sure to know about it. Your sad days will be made happier by the love laden hugs from so many members and no matter what, there’s always going to be a shoulder to cry upon. There’s No Such Thing As Private Lives Or Personal Space

2. The Biggest Political Hub Is The Kitchen

The kitchen is going to be political playground in the house. Obviously with so many different people residing in the same place, having different taste buds will have to struggle to get their favorite food made every day. Also, because kitchen is the place that interweaves the lives of all family members, some bitterness is likely to creep in. This is where your mother, grandmother and aunts will probably get into maximum fights and also ride out of them. The Biggest Political Hub Is The Kitchen

1. The Kids Are Always A Collective Property Of The Entire Family


The best part of being in a joint family is that you can comfortably plan social outings because there are many people to take care of the kids in your absence. The kids are also adjusted to all sorts of people, and easily gel with other members of the family. In fact an all cousins night alone at home is the most awaited time when you can arrange for your own party, dance, eat, drink and make merry while all elders of the house are out running social obligations. The Kids Are Always A Collective Property Of The Entire Family

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