7 National Highways That Pass Through Delhi

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7:00 pm 25 Jan, 2014

A decade or so ago, travelling to Delhi was an adventure of sorts. Connectivity was poor and confusion was all around. Lone women travelers, who travelled to Delhi and came back safely, were achievers in their own right. Present day scenario is a complete makeover, with state of the art expressways connecting the capital to neighboring states, efficiently. Travelling times have reduced considerably and the roads are now at par with global standards.

Here’s a list of National Highways that pass through Delhi – many of them are engineering marvels. Take a look-

7. Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway

Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway is a 28 km long hi tech expressway connecting Delhi to Gurgaon. It is part of the governments ambitious Golden Quadrilateral project, that will eventually connect Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, by 4 0r 6 lanes. Opened in January, 2008, the expressway has reduced travelling time of thousands of people travelling daily. Toll is collected at three points during the whole stretch. During the initial period there were many accidents due to availability of only two over head bridges for pedestrians. International passengers have benefited from this project and saved on time. This intercity route is very busy and andles more than 180,000 PCU daily.

Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway - National Highways That Pass Through Delhi

6. Delhi Noida Direct Flyway / DND

DND Is an eight lane express way that has full access control and connects Delhi to Noida. The project was undertaken by the Noida Toll Bridge Company. It also included construction of a flyover at Ashram Chowk and a 552.5 bridge over Yamuna River. This is one of the projects that was completed before time and opened in February 2001, for the public. Commuters travelling to and fro from Delhi and Noida benefit from it and save considerable time.

Delhi Noida Direct Flyway / DND - National Highways That Pass Through Delhi

5. National Highway 1

National Highway 1 is one of the oldest highways, with a lot of historical background. It connects New Delhi to Attari, a strategically placed town neat the Indo-Pak border. It is maintained by NHAI and had originated in Lahore, in Pakistan. It is also the longest highways of India, at 456kms. It has four spur routes and connects most prominent towns in Punjab to the capital. It has originated from the G.T or Grand Trunk road that Sher Shah Suri had made to connect Lahore to Bengal. It is not uniformly lined, some places it is four and other six laned. In Delhi it passes through the most underdeveloped and encroachments of the city.

National Highway 1 - National Highways That Pass Through Delhi

4. National Highway 2

Is often referred to as the Delhi-Kolkata Road and has heavy traffic most of the time. It was initially part of the G.T. Road, and passes through the states of Haryana, UP, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal. The records state that it is running over 1465 kms from Delhi to Kolkata. It is the road which connects the Delhi to the sates that are on its southern and eastern side.

National Highway 2 - National Highways That Pass Through Delhi

3. National Highway 8

Is the critical highway that connects New Delhi to Mumbai. It is a very important connection for businessmen who want to travel to Gandhinagar, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Surat and Vadodra. This is the first part of the Golden Quadrilateral project to be completed in the first phase. It passes through the teeming suburbs on the Western Line of Western railway, is called Western Express Highway there. This highway aims at decongesting traffic on the Northern Peripheral Road and will be fully developed by 2017.

National Highway 8 - National Highways That Pass Through Delhi

2. National Highway 10

Is 403 kms and connects Delhi to the town of Fazilka in Punjab. It is an important highway for trade and movement of people from the two regions. Special provision has been made to decline road fatalities by installing rumble strips to slow down traffic.

National Highway 10 - National Highways That Pass Through Delhi

1. National Highway 24

National Highway 24 is instrumental in connecting New Delhi to the capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow. It is 21kms in stretch and will eventually connect Nizamuddin Bridge, to divert the flow of traffic from the area. A Delhi Meerut Expressway has been approved that will enable people from Delhi to reach Meerut in 60 mins. The final expressway will be upgraded from 8 to 14 lanes.

National Highway 24 - National Highways That Pass Through Delhi


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