7 Movies In Which Reema Lagoo Showered Her Motherly Love

10:00 pm 27 Feb, 2014


Mainstream Hindi films are known for their visually rich amalgam of action, romance and melodrama. Among numerous necessary equipments which go on to make a Bollywood masala “hit”, the maternal love and showering of poignant emotion is the foremost. In fact, as many critics would agree, the word “Maa”, in almost all Bollywood masala films, acts as a recurrent trope. Now, thinking of Bollywood “Maa” provides us with the visualization of few actresses who have done perfect justice to the roles; and, one such person is Reema Lagoo, the modern day mother. Let’s have a look at some of her films as a mother—

7. Kal Ho Na Ho

A modern day woman and a best friend cum mother to Aman, portrayed by Shah Rukh Khan, Reema Lagoo brought perfect poise and elegance to her role with her acting skills and charming smile. Far aloof from the stereotypical anxiety-stricken mother, she played with perfect ease the role of a mother coming in terms with her son’s fatal disease. We heart the way Reema played the role of a modern day mother who is also a support system for the son!

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6. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Here Reema played the mother of Anjali, portrayed by Kajol. She is seen here as a typical, traditional mother as we see her shedding her tears while singing the “vidaai” song for her daughter. However, she outshines the role of a typical mother when she openly asks, even after her daughter’s engagement, whether she is happy with Aman or not. This is quite a shock to many because in Indian tradition, even thinking of breaking an engagement is worse than blasphemy and none but she would’ve done justice to the role.


5. Jhoot Bole Kauwa Kaate

This Hrishikesh Mukherjee laugh riot sees Reema Lagoo as a typical melancholic mother, suffering from an ailing heart due to the loss of her son as well as severe asthma. In fact, it is her role which gave space to the whole plot to build up…..and don’t we just love the way she feeds Ramanuj with additional kachoris!


4. Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon

Well, don’t kill us for including such a box office dud in the list, but if there’s any on screen portrayal to be appraised in this film, it has to be Reema Lagoo’s portrayal as Abhisekh Bacchan’s mother. The way Reema Lagoo goes against the happiness of her biological son and stands up for the love of Hrithik’s character is praiseworthy, and a welcome relief from the typecast mothers of Bollywood!


3. Hum Saath Saath Hain

This film sees the Reema Lagoo as such a person who transforms from a doting mother to a selfish step-mother. In fact, it is on this plot of transformation that the whole film rests on. It might be quite easy to think of, but it is equally difficult to portray such a transformation onscreen convincingly especially in front of the Indian audience who cannot think mothers being vicious, and none but she could’ve ever done justice to the role.

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2. Vaastav — The Reality

In Vaastav, we see Reema Lagoo portraying one of the most challenging characters onscreen. Here she plays, not only a loving and doting mother to simpleton Sanjay Dutt and an efficient wife to Shivaji Satam, but also an equally pathetic and helpless mother to the don Sanjay Dutt (which he eventually transforms to). The ease with which she convincingly portrays such an earthy character increases our respect for her!

Vaastav The Reality

1. Hum Aapke Hain Kaun

If it’s Bollywood movies we’re talking about, we cannot help but put a masala film at the top! Reema Lagoo as a yesteryear heart throb, a doting and friendly mother, a caring mother-in-law and an equally beautiful wife focuses our attention on the roles women has to play every day in their lives. Besides, her intense acting brings a lively atmosphere to the whole film!