7 Melodious Bollywood Songs Of 70s Sung By Lata Mangeshkar

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5:00 am 7 Mar, 2014


Lata Mangeshkar, considered India’s nightingale, is estimated to have sung about 50,000 songs. Wow! She has sung songs which have touched the hearts of not only the audience of 60’s & 70’s but also the current generation. She is the idol for many who dream of establishing a career in singing. Her work has won her many awards, including the prestigious Bharat Ratna, Padma Bhushan & more.

Here’s a look at some of the most memorable songs of the musical prodigy from the 70s:

7. Tum Aa Gaye Ho (Aandhi, 1975)

This melodious number, sung as a duet with Kishore Kumar, goes down the memory lane of Bollywood as the most touching and heart wrenching song.  RD Burman’s soulful music along with lyrics from the highly praised Gulzar has made it a must have in the collection of music lovers.


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6. Ab To Hai Tumse (Abhimaan, 1973)

One of the most beautiful numbers of the 70’s era is from the film Abhimaan.  This song in particular, talks of the love between couples in a subtle manner. Lata Mangeshkar has sung this song with such peace and sensitivity that one would want to repeatedly listen to it.

5. Raina Beeti Jaaye (Amar Prem, 1972)

This song was the only female sung song in the movie, Amar Prem. Not only was the movie popular for its unique plot and screenplay, also the songs were a huge success. Raina beeeti jaaye is sung beautifully and Lata Mangeshkar’s voice modulation touches crest and dough effortlessly.

4. Yeh raatein nai purani (Julie, 1975)

Composed by Rajesh Roshan, this song has been brilliantly sung. This movie was an unconventional movie of the 70’s era and the songs were equally refreshing.  The intensity and liveliness of the song has been marvelously handled by Lata Mangeshkar.

3. Chalte Chalte (Pakeezah, 1972)

This quintessential song occupies your mind and soul by the way Lata Mangeshkar has sung it. The twists in music add an essence to this memorable number. One of the best song, remembered for its evocative lyrics and the outstanding singing.

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2. Beete Na Bitai (Parichay, 1972)

A conventional song that conveyed the pain of separation has been touched aptly by Lata’s singing. The notes of this song and the ease with which it is sung, makes you admire her all the more. This song is another remarkable work of hers.

1. Dilbar Dil Se Pyare (Caravan, 1971)

This peppy number from Lata Mangeshkar makes your head sway and you can’t stop yourself from singling along. We mistake Lata for singing only slow songs; however she has some fast-paced songs to her name as well.  This song breaks the myth and is one of the most likeable Bollywood songs of the 70’s era.


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