7 Lessons Chacha Chaudhary Teaches Us

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1:00 pm 23 Mar, 2014


One of the beloved comic characters of every kid is Chacha Chaudhary. As a kid you too must have crazily flipped through his comic books and the minute you would finish one book you would immediately want another in your hand. Such was his charm and impact that even today his charisma leaves you spellbound.

He gives us some good lessons; we will brush our memory of his teachings here:

7. Be Wise!

Chacha Chaudhary is like a wise old man every family has. The one lesson he teaches, is to deal with every issue wisely as it is not always physical strength that leads to victory; use your brains and think smart is his message. He was thus referred as “jiska dimaag computer se bhi tez chalta hai”, as he solves his cases with the power of brain not with the help of any gadgets.S


Be Wise!

6. Kill The Evils

He is mostly seen solving cases related with terrorism, corruption, goons, bullies etc. Hence spreading the message that fighting evils is of utmost importance and it’s only if such bitter activities are eradicated that we can think of a world free of terror.

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Kill The Evils

5. Be Reliable

After reading Chacha Chaudhary’s stories, as a kid I felt protected, that there is someone to take care of all problems, not matter what. This I believe is another message he spreads, i.e., be the trusted partner of your loved ones.

Be Reliable

4. Laugh It Out

Chacha Chaudhary’s witty persona is displayed in all stories of his. He always in some or the other way tackles things humorously. What we can derive from him is that no matter how big a problem is, it can be solved easily with a little bit of wittiness.

Laugh It Out

3. Help The Needy

He teaches us to help the ones who are in need of support. Chacha Chaudhary’s stories always aim at solving a common man’s worries. This Indian superhero wishes us to instill good habits, a positive attitude towards life and moral values.

Help The Needy

2. Be Simple

He is one of those who leads a simple life, despite his grandeur of intelligence. He spreads the message of being simplistic yet majestic who leaves an impact because of his presence of mind and desire to help others.

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Be Simple

1.Family Man

He is a devout family man, having a wife (Bini Chachi), a friend (Sabu) and a pet dog (Rocket). He is always shown with his family around who also contribute in solving the cases. A family that stays together and fights together; that ideal family is Chacha Chaudhary’s family.


Family Man