7 Kickass Dancing Videos Of Mithun Chakraborty

3:45 pm 17 Jan, 2014


Talk about dance and the one thing that’s likely to come to the mind of a dance lover born in 60s or 80s is dancing legend Mithun Chakraborty! Rightfully named as the Indian Jackson, he’s one of the best on-screen dancers Bollywood has ever seen.

The 80s were rocked by the disco songs of Mithunda (as he is lovingly called in West Bengal) and the nation got its first dose of American rock and roll music. Disco King Bappi Lahiri was the music composer for most of these dance-based songs and this duo gave us the grooviest songs of the 80s which are still remixed in discos. They are famous not only in India but throughout the world! Here are seven of the best dance videos of Mithun Chakraborty which no dance lover can miss out on:

7. I am a Disco Dancer

This is the most loved and the best dancing video of Mithun Chakraborty. The song comes in the Hindi feature film Disco Dancer (1982) directed by Babbar Subhash and has Rajesh Khanna in a pivotal role.


This film was instrumental in bringing the tradition of disco or dance-based songs in the upcoming films of the 80s and further. We see this lean man in a golden and black costume with a head gear moving to rock and roll music!

Does it ring a bell?

Yes, it’s very much the style of Elvis Presley! Bollywood thus created the magical duo of Bappi Lahiri and Mithun Chakraborty.

6. Beraham Tune Kiye

This a very famous song from the super hit Hindi feature film Kasam Paida Karne wale Ki (1984) directed by Babbar Subhash again.

It is sung by Vijay Benedict. Music is again done by Bappi Lahiri. It is the title song and our dancing star is seen shaking his leg to the disco tunes! We see him doing his famous pelvic thrusts and hand & head movements yet again!

This video also has a flashback scene too. We get a glimpse of the dancer and the actor in this video! It’s indeed Kickass!

5. Dance Dance Life is Dance

This is the title-song of the musical Dance Dance (1987) directed by Babbar Subhash starring Mandakini, Smita Patil alongside our Mithunda.

This is one of the longest of his dance videos where he goes on dancing until faces cramps in his abdomen. There is high energy dancing where we also get to see an eyeful of robotics and locking-popping which are prominent western dance forms!

These are also his trademark dance styles which he follows in most of his disco songs!

4. Super Dancer

Sung by Alisha Chinoy, this is another disco track from the film Dance Dance. Dressed in white, Mithun Chakraborty is back in action yet again with his moves and the killer smile!

3. Pahele Rock n’ Roll

This is a song from the film Main Balwan (1986) directed by Mukul S. Anand. We see Mithun performing many dance forms in this particular song shot on a road.

There is twist, disco, break dance and also a bit of hip-hop! He wears a killer attitude in a black costume with black glasses and there is no stopping the dancing superstar in his trademark moves once again! Truly the Indian Jackson!

2. Aye Duniya Tujhko Salaam

A song from the film Pyar ka Mandir (1988) directed by Kovelamundi Bapayya, this is an exception in the list where dance and disco diction is concerned, but not in Chakraborty’s moves!

In this video, he is being filmed by the actress and we see him giving his best shot as a dancer. Stylish dressing and to-die-for attitude is the USP of him and all his songs and this is no exception!

1. Krishna Dharti pe Aaja tu

This is another song from the film Disco Dancer. It is sung by Nandu Bhende. While this is yet another dance number, but is not set in a discotheque. It’s quite a serious number. Dance lovers of Mithun Chakraborty will not miss out his costumes as well which have a style of their own! The black, the gold, the silver and also the white: all are his favorite colors! Enjoy the moves!


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