7 Jobs That Offer An Active Lifestyle

Updated on 30 Aug, 2018 at 1:00 pm


Without question, being a husband is the top job that offers an active lifestyle. Add to that being a father and you are at the apex of the hyper-active pyramid. However, in the world of white collars, blue collar and no collars which earn you a livelihood, the top 7 jobs that offer an active lifestyle ignore the husband-father category and throw up these results:

7. Bouncers

They are the real Men in Black. You name the muscle and this army has them toned and ready to tame the wild ones who cannot handle alcohol in their blood. Bouncers live a life full of activity, 8 pm to the wee hours of the morning. Their job requires them to pick-walk out-throw away all men who do not follow the ethical code of pub-hopping or hopping-in-the-pub. And they have to do it no matter what size, shape or status the scoundrel may come in or belong to. Some work! In the day, mind it, there is no time to sleep, as they spend hours in the gym to keep in shape the rocks inside their arms and legs. We wish there were a few dedicatedly cleansing the pubs and clubs of bad dancers and those with cheesy pick-up lines too. Don’t you?

Pub bouncers

6. Tour Guides

One of the most actively difficult jobs in the world is that of a tour guide. Why? Imagine yourself having seen every fort, every road, every tree and every canal of a certain place on Earth. And then, imagine having to wake-up according to the ‘package’ timings and guide a bunch of eager beavers through the site seeing. All the time, making sure your voice throwing facts and findings at them matches theirs in the degree of excitement. However, shelf not your ambition of becoming one! Being a tour guide is one of the jobs that offer a healthy and active lifestyle. It will keep you walking, hopping, pointing, talking, shooting, climbing, swimming, etc, day-after-day-after-day, and from one group of 20 to the next! And we are sure some novel sights and sounds may come your way too. After all, life is a journey!


Tourist Guide

5. Sales Representative

Do we need to elaborate? With a bag full of items and a heart full of pleas, those in the department of sales are always actively on the move. While the fellows stuck to a desk-job may envy them, being a sales rep is nothing short of tough work. The job offers an active lifestyle from 8 am to 8 pm, and sometimes beyond too. Door-to-door and office-to-office all in a day’s work, and target waiting to be met! Add to that the gift of the gab which needs to be kept unwrapped most of the time, and there you have it – reasons galore why being a sales rep has been included in this list.


4. Reporter

You have spotted them on TV, on roads, outside important offices and inside VIP homes. If there is one job which asks you to be on your toes, it is this, literally! They will hang out of bus windows dangling their mikes to collect bites from the passenger sitting ahead or wait for days outside a certain hospital for royalty to be born. They will sprint towards the celebrity with the speed of light to catch the first byte or run after the red beacon hoping the tyres will puncture and they’ll take the Minister to task. Reporters are always reporting, and when they are not they are looking for things to report. Quite an active lifestyle! Don’t you think?

News reporter

3. Traffic Cop

Hands up, hands down, palm open, closed or swaying from side-to-side. All this, with feet planted firmly in one place. Add to it office rush-hour, rain and a few conked signals and you have a situation, Watson! The duty of a traffic cop is no less than working a miracle – keeping a mass of impatient drivers streaming smoothly down the intersection. The reflexes and the responsibility to use the right ones make the job of a traffic cop one which offers a very alert and active lifestyle – come hail or storm. And when the signals are doing their job and they do not need to exercise their limbs with all the presence of mind that they are capable of, well, there are chalans to be cut, aren’t there?

2. Gym Instructor

They are nothing if they are not actively hopping from machine to madam to hunk to handlebars, all sweating it out to feel more active and fit in life. The job of a gym instructor is not easy. First, he needs to have it to prove it that he knows the snazzy machines well, we mean muscles. Then, he needs to use his physical and mental power to show and convince the client about the merits of the machine. Finally, he needs to walk around his arena like a guru watching over his pupils with a heavy arm, literally. If being a gym instructor is not a job offering an active lifestyle, what it?

Gym guide

1. Games Coach

The most active of all jobs is that which a coach enjoys. You name the game and see for yourself how the coach has to practice what he teaches, literally. He cannot just stand under the tree and in the shade blowing his whistle and expecting you to score a basket. He runs with you, dribbles with you and scores it with you too. Then, every practice session sees him joining you in your crunches and push-ups and frog-leaps and what not in the name of warm-up. Even on D-day, despite his tie-suit, he is doing everything that you are – kicking, passing, defending, hitting, albeit outside the white line! Phew! Most active, for sure!




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