7 Jaw-dropping Bike Trips In The World

Updated on 26 Dec, 2013 at 8:38 am


Many of us have fantasized being out on a splendid adventure-biking tour, sitting up straight on your geared-up two-wheeler, blasting down the exigent track underneath you and leaving behind all the exotic geographies to explore further.

All of us, at one point of time in our lives have wanted to experience such adrenaline pumping adventure, and only a daring, back-country bike tour can help us make this dream come true.

If you’re prepared for an uplifting bike trip, you’ll have to decide on an adventurous-yet-safe bike tour. And if you are planning to set out for a longer duration of time in a group, the best way is to reduce the huge world to these bike trips so that you can cover all potential routes around.

7. San Juan Island, Washington:


This is the tour that stretches up to over 20 miles around Washington’s San Juan Island. The Island provides you a lengthy and beautiful 20-mile circle where you find several places worth stopping by. Though the bike routes in San Juan are tough, the historical background and legacy, fascinating views and quite spacious surroundings make your ride worth a once in a lifetime trip!

This is the Island where the popular Pig War chaos (from 1859 to 1872) took place and you can still see American and English Camps that remind you of their history.

Another famous spot on your way is the Whale Watch Park where you get to see open-water orcas and the lighthouse. Pelindaba Lavender Farm is the spot where almost all bikers stop before ending their ride. The calming view here is soul-soothing and magnificent scents of lavender make your trip unforgettable!

7 Jaw-dropping Bike Trips In The World

6. Carretera Austral, Chile:

The track that runs more than 1,000 kms is mostly unpaved and requires all bikers to have sturdy, properly packed bikes. Offering you a great ride, the path encompasses several stunning terrains in Chile, including beautiful lakes, glaciers and snowed mountains and passes that run through the gorgeous region of Patagonia.

Since the route is mostly closed because of heavy rains and snow, it is no use choosing it in the off-season. But yes, this could be your first preferred bike touring destination in the summers!

7 Jaw-dropping Bike Trips In The World

5. The Silk Road:

The historical Silk Road route that includes the Pamir Highway makes one of the most exciting and adventurous bike trips in the world. In the beginning of your tour, you cross Turkey and the next immediate destination is Iran where you head toward Bukhara and Samarkand, the major Silk Road cities.

As you move ahead, beautiful mountains welcome you and present an amazing sight for traveling. The tour can last 4 to 6 months, offering you a great deal of cycling tracks while you continue moving down the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan.

If you have enough time, you can explore the entire Pamir highway including Southern Kyrgyzstan, one of the best places offering ideal tracks for bike riding. The tour offers every rider the real sense of exploration and more spectacular scenery compared to any other place in the world!

7 Jaw-dropping Bike Trips In The World

4. Danube Cycle Track:

Another alluring bike track is the Danube Bike Path that runs through Germany, Austria and ends at Budapest, the capital of Hungary. The path is a wholly paved track and makes an excellent stretch for everyone from experienced and professional commuters to amateur bikers, beginners and families that don’t have any time to figure out logistics.

As you move ahead, you find the track getting actually more and more rugged, you don’t feel like stopping and love to continue riding. It is always a great idea to go through a guidebook providing detailed information about the route and the river that flows along the track.

7 Jaw-dropping Bike Trips In The World

3. Southeast Asia:

The biggest attraction about bike tours in Southeast Asia is that touring is way easier compared to most other parts of the world and besides, there is a lot for the riders to explore as far as international touring is concerned. You can’t scale the entire region in even a time of six months and can always head toward the east coast of Malaysia and stop in Burma.

One of the greatest attractions on your way is the huge Cameron Highlands, one of the biggest tea-producing areas in Malaysia. Not all the places in the world can offer such a beautiful landscape where the air is too cool and refreshing to mellow down the fatigue, offering you some extra energy to keep going on. You can stay anywhere you want, for you can easily find hotels and living costs are genuine and affordable.

7 Jaw-dropping Bike Trips In The World

2. Luchon to Bayonne, France:

The tour starts from Luchon and finishes at Bayonne. You can easily trace the route by simply following the road and it is a run of around 325 kilometers in total. It was in the year 1910 that the grand Tour de France rode through mountain passes. The winner of the event, on stage 10, took nearly 14 hours to scale the route that started from Luchon’s mountain spa town and ended at Bayonne. You need to cross four main passes and all of them are unpaved. You cross 4 major passes including the Peyresourde, Aspin, Tourmalet, and Aubisque while you follow the track.

7 Jaw-dropping Bike Trips In The World

1. Cycling Through the Karakoram Highway:

Besides being one of the world’s grandest roadways, the Karakoram Highway is a classic biking route offering stunning landscapes, small villages lodged into beautiful valleys and huge, soaring mountains, dry and snow-clad. The surroundings around you make your riding experience both incredibly testing and gratifying.

You feel blessed to stop by roadside stalls for refreshing tea or food and then get going again to share the highway with giant rattling trucks and other vehicles. What contributes to the challenge is poor condition of the road and frequent landslides in the Hunza Valley that often block the highway. You find very little traffic when the KKH starts in Kashgar, China. And since food and water supply in most of the places may not be regular due to landslides, you should keep biscuits, fresh bread and bottled water with you.

7 Jaw-dropping Bike Trips In The World