7 Interesting Facts About Trams In Kolkata

11:00 pm 29 Mar, 2014


Travelling in a tram in Kolkata is one of the best heritage experiences that you will get out of anything here. There is not a single person in Kolkata who has not travelled aboard the tram. But, nowadays, because of the rush, it becomes difficult to get on one during the daytime – but the evenings are a good option. It is a beautiful way to know the city, to view its places and be accustomed to it as well. Here are seven interesting facts about the Kolkata Trams, which you will love to know:

7. It is the Oldest in Asia

Tramways in Kolkata started operating in the city from the year 1873 and have been running since. This is the only tram network in India which is still operating. The trams in Kolkata are the oldest electrically operated ones in the whole of Asia. Today, some of the trams are in a bad condition, which is partially because of their old age. While you visit the heritage spots here in Kolkata, don’t forget to be on one of these trams, which are actually a moving heritage places.

It is the Oldest in Asia

6. Horse-Driven Trams


During the British Rule in India, trams were mostly driven by horses that were tied to the coaches in front. They were all imported from the English Electric Company. You will be able to see a life size sculpture of a horse driven tram at City Centre Arcade. They had first class and second class coaches meant for people belonging to the ruling class and the Indians. There are many historical treatises, which depict scenes inside trams.

Horse-Driven Trams

5. 257 Trams and 27 Routes

There are a total of 257 trams in Kolkata, out of which 125 operate throughout the city in 25 routes. The routes have been selected in manner to cover almost the entire city. I would recommend you to get on a tram, which takes you northward. You have most of the old houses and buildings of Kolkata in its northern half. It is Old Kolkata at its best. As the tram moves, you can feel the scent of an old city where modernization has not left a negative impact and it still looks as it used to our older generations.

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257 Trams and 27 Routes

4. A Very Slow but Steady Ride

The Tram ride in Kolkata is not a very quick and fast one. Once you get on it, you must be sure of the time you give here. The tram moves at a very slow pace and sometimes halts at certain points on the road. This gives you ample time to glance here and there and get a complete view of the city. You will get to see various kinds of peoples and places. The kinds of houses and buildings change as you head northward. Trust me; the city looks beautiful from inside a tram.

A Very Slow but Steady Ride

3. Environmentally Friendly

The tram helps the city stay clean and green. Since the trams runs on electricity, there are no poisonous emissions in the air. With rising pollution levels, it is better to stick to vehicles, which have the least emissions. The trams hence take you much closer to nature!

Environmentally Friendly

2. Give the Kolkata Traffic a Miss

Since these tramcars move in lines made just for them, you can be sure of travelling like a king while the roads are blocked with cars and buses. These trams will take you to your destination uninterrupted with the traffic snarls occurring right beside it. Although, these days, it gets difficult for trams to make a steady journey since many cars try to block their paths to brave away from the traffic jams.

Give the Kolkata Traffic a Miss

1. High passenger Capacity

Trams have a maximum of 60 seats, which is second to only Kolkata metro for its traffic. The insides are comfortable and airy and people are attracted to track bound vehicles if not in a car. So, many people end up riding on trams. They also come at really cheap ticket rates (minimum fare is Rs. 6). To find such comfort at such cheap rates is a rarity. You can find it on a Kolkata tram.


 High passenger Capacity

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