7 Interesting Facts About The World Living Heritage Festival In Rajasthan

11:00 pm 4 Mar, 2014


The World Living Heritage Festival is all about celebrating the myriad of colors of life and reviving the innumerable sentiments of hundreds of people. After having spread its joyous colors of magic and after successfully preserving the shades of cultural diversity, which are beautifully nestled in the Mewar region, the World Living Heritage Festival is back. The festival is all set to reinvigorate yet another enthralling collection of stupefying music and perceptive knowledge sharing and kaleidoscope of arts, all in the scintillating gleam of royalty and long followed tradition.

So, let’s get to know the World Living Heritage Festival a little better.

7. Initiative of World Living Heritage Festival

This unique four day event is the flagship initiatives of the Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation (MMCF) alongside UNESCO New Delhi, in order to keep the light of “Living Heritage” lit. The 76th custodian of Mewar dynasty in Udaipur, Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar has conceptualized this festival.


Initiative of World Living Heritage Festival

6. Compassionate Endeavor of MMCF

The festival is organized in order to trace the very deserving craftsmen from all over the country, who are still practicing traditional art and craft. The festival not only supports them, but also provides them a platform to come forward and showcase their talent on a global urban platform. The event helps such gifted craftsmen to come and develop a niche for themselves while preserving the golden heritage.

The World Living Heritage Festival offers an amazing platform to form new networks of collaboration for collective action in order to revive the long lost ancient forms of art and craft of the Mewar Dynasty.

Compassionate Endeavor of MMCF

5. Event Schedule of World Living Heritage Festival 2014

Within the setting of the mesmerizing Udaipur City Palace, this one of a kind event is all set to be spread across four days right from 13th March to 16th March 2014. The festival will feature various striking photo exhibitions, book launch, panel discussions, sound & light shows, among many others. All the activities would come down to a close following a musical concert every day.

Event Schedule of World Living Heritage Festival 2014

4. International Conference

An international conference is also scheduled to be held during the festival this year. The main idea behind the conference is to come up with many different questions and find the many solutions for promoting the Living Heritage by involving Indian and international experts.

International Conference

3. Rang: A Colorful Offering

The World Living Heritage Festival begins with Rang, which is a celebration of the living heritage in the traditional, rediscovered and adapted art & craft forms of Mewar. Rang is typically organized every year right before the auspicious Indian festival of colors – Holi. The guests get to explore the fun aspect of the festival whilst they learn the local art from the artists themselves.

Rang: A Colorful Offering

2. Performances and Concerts

Music certainly constitutes an integral aspect of Rang. Guests deluge into the overwhelming music and dance performances that are held throughout the festival. Traditional and folk artists from all over the country come to perform at the heritage venues arranged at The City Palace Complex. From the folk music to the enchanting classical vocals, instrumental music to the much admired classical dances, Rang undoubtedly offers a truly mesmerizing journey for all the guests.

Performances and Concerts

1. Holika Dahan Ceremony

Holika Dahan, an Indian festival marks the grand finale to the World Living Heritage Festival. The festival is celebrated the evening before Holi, the festival of colors. Holika Dahan is also known as festival of spring and is celebrated by lighting up the pious fire on the full moon light of Phaguna. As per the Hindu mythology, the pious fire is signifies the triumph of divine power over demonic strength.

In Udaipur, the Holika Dahan is celebrated at the Manek Chowk and is watched over by the guests who are seated inside the darikhanas also known as the bay areas of The City Palace. The guests get to witness the time-honored traditions followed by the Family members and Custodian of the House of Mewar. They (the family members) demonstrate full respect for all humanity by honoring the men of faith, local and tribal community members. The festival is indeed a representative of Eternal Mewar which demonstrates preservation of the living heritage of Mewar in the twenty-first century.


Holika Dahan Ceremony

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