7 Inspirational Speeches Ever Given In Movies

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 3:43 pm


Films have always inspired us with moments of strength, wisdom, power, love, and bravery. And while most of them have come across as emotional portrayals, once in a while, there comes a truly great scene backed with beautiful speech writing. In what follows below, we’ve tried to compile a list of the 7 most inspirational speeches ever in Movies. From the time these movies first opened in theatre’s to the present day, they’ve managed to inspire generations. Take a look at what we’ve complied and make sure you check out these speeches out on YouTube at the earliest.

7. Network (Peter Finch):

Network was a 1976 released satirical film that is often regarded as way against its time. What spellbinds audience is the way fired TV broadcaster Howard Beale (Peter Finch) pleads with his people not to believe what is telecasted on TV. His vociferous views against the all powerful media political connection are something to hear about even on this day. In fact, all the issues raised by him in his speech find relevance in today’s context as well.

6. Faith Like Potatoes (Frank Rautenbach):

Faith like Potatoes was one such movie that is still remembered for a powerful speech by Frank Rautenbach who played Angus. The 2006 released movie also lends motivational words for all those who have moved away from their native home to a new country. There was a sequence where South African farmer Angus was challenged by one of the locals for his loyalties. The famer confronts him explaining that he loves his heritage, but loves his new home equally. The words are powerful in hearing and very reasonable.

5. Any Given Sunday (Al Pacino):

Al Pacino is doubtlessly a brilliant actor who has played diverse roles, but his character of coach in Any Given Sunday surely stands out as one of the very best among all. His speech in the 1999 released movie is something to watch out for. When he says that the team must learn from the mistakes he has made in his life and they can surely come back from the brink of destruction guides many more souls than those who were listening to him in the movie. His character is quite often termed as one of the best ever portrayed in Hollywood.

4. The Shawshanks Redemption (Morgan Freeman):

Morgan Freeman was at his superlative best in the movie throughout and especially in the prison scene where he delivers a great speech on life. His speech was about keep hoping in life and dreaming about new highs. It’s a must watch especially when you are living your life in a sorry state. The motivational speech still finds mention in the best ever speeches of all time that featured in movies.


3. Independence Day (Bill Pullman):

One of the most intelligently written movie speeches of all time, President Whitmore (played by Bill Pullman) speech in the 1996 released Independence Day possessed something special. President addressed his pilots who were preparing to go all out against the aliens had by that time almost completely taken over Earth. The speech was all about teamwork and not giving up, even if the enemy is as powerful as the aliens were at that time.

2. Miracle on Ice (Karl Malden):

One of the best speeches to feature in a film based on sports. The speech inspired many other sport movies worldwide and was inducted with minor changes. The movie is about a team of amateurs who come together to form a team for the US hockey team coach Herb Brooks (played by Karl Malden) to compete against the world’s best team. Before the team played their semi-finals against Russians their coach delivers a speech in the locker room that inspires them to come out in winning colors.

1. Rocky (Sylvester Stallone):

Here is a gem of the time that takes you in its grip as soon as it begins. The speech is a must watch for everyone, it is featured in Sylvester Stallone starrer block buster of the year 1976, “Rocky.” The speech is about taking charge of one’s own life and not accusing others of one’s own wrongdoings. It’s a speech that was delivered by a father to his son.