7 Indian Cities In Earthquake Prone Zones

11:00 am 1 Jun, 2014

Earthquakes happen almost every year in India. Geologists claim one half of the Indian sub-continent to be prone to earthquakes. From the metros to the smaller cities – all have, at least once in a while, been shaken up due to earthquakes. These usually range from medium to high intensity on the Richter scale. The damage caused is on a large scale apart from the trauma suffered by the people.

Let us look at some of the Indian cities, which are regarded as high earthquake prone zones:

7. Guwahati

Guwahati falls in zone five of the seismic zones in India, conducted by geologists. Apart from being the abode of the most frequent and dangerous earthquakes, Guwahati in Assam has seen the most devastating ones too. The place has a history of the deadliest earthquakes and till today small tremors are a usual affair. Children are the worst sufferers of this natural calamity. Guwahati also receives earthquake predictions on a daily basis. As a result, many adjoining areas in the North-East get affected.

Indian Cities In Earthquake Prone Zones

6. Delhi

The capital of India falls in the zone four of the seismic zone divisions in India. Delhi faces risk of suffering earthquakes of very high intensity. They, in turn, have the power to cause a lot of damage to the city and surroundings. If you’re living in Delhi, Puri or Kolkata, you’re likely to have felt a slight tremor very recently on the 21st of May his year. It was of a relatively lower intensity although. Delhi-NCR faces high risk of the dangers of earthquakes. This is because Delhi is situated very close to the active seismic fault lines like the Sohna fault-line and the Delhi-Haridwar fault line, to mention a few.

Indian Cities In Earthquake Prone Zones

5. Srinagar

Being very close to the Himalayas, Srinagar faces heavy risk of earthquakes, high as well as moderate. The friction between the Indian and the Eurasian plane causes earthquakes to occur on the areas close to the Himalayas. The beautiful city of Srinagar too faces danger when it comes to natural calamities. Seismologists keep warning about the risk related to earthquakes in these mountainous regions. In historic times Srinagar has been witness to property destruction due to earthquake like no other. From temples to livestock, much had been vandalised.

Indian Cities In Earthquake Prone Zones

4. Kolkata

Kolkata had recently felt the earthquake tremor, thanks to the epicentre being in the Bay of Bengal. Kolkata, being close to the coastal line, faces not only the dangers of earthquakes, but also of floods. Due to over population, Kolkata faces high risk of damage for life and property. This recent earthquake of around 6 on the Richter scale, could have made a tsunami-like impact on Kolkata, says seismologists. It was saved from the disaster because of the intensity being relatively low.

Indian Cities In Earthquake Prone Zones

3. Mumbai

Like Kolkata, Mumbai too is located on the coastal line, hence increasing its risk of facing tsunami-like disasters. Mild to strong, earthquakes are very common in parts of Mumbai. Mild earthquakes are often faced by people living there and parts of the adjoining regions of Gujarat. It falls in the zone four of the seismic zone divisions which makes it quite vulnerable to damage.

Indian Cities In Earthquake Prone Zones

2. Shimla

It is said that Himachal Pradesh is receiving very frequent earthquakes recently which hover around 5 or 6 on the Richter scale. Some consider Shimla to be one of the most disaster-prone cities in Northern India. Apart from earthquakes, landslides and cloudbursts are very frequent. Not being in the zone five saves it from being devastated to a large extent. With buildings not ready to face earthquakes, Shimla is highly vulnerable to damage of life and property.

Indian Cities In Earthquake Prone Zones

1. Chennai

Tamil Nadu, had faced the wrath of the deadly 2004 tsunami when the Marina beach was affected. Another part of the state, its capital Chennai, faces high risk of earthquake. Even recently, in the year 2012, Chennai shook terribly to a rather high intensity earthquake (having its epicentre on the Indian Ocean). There are very few places down south which face high risk of earthquakes and Chennai is definitely one of them.

Indian Cities In Earthquake Prone Zones


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