7 Indian Actors Who Smoke Like A BOSS On Screen

Updated on 19 Aug, 2014 at 5:10 pm

Yeah smoking does cause cancer. It’s injurious to health and can pose a great deal of problems. But, come to think of it, don’t some of the people who smoke on screen look simply fabulous?

Coming to on screen smoking – it is but natural that you will think of the Hollywood men – but closer home, there are quite a lot of them who do it, and do it in style. You can’t help forget about the health censors and simply gape. Here is a list of some of the Indian actors who simply look like a Boss while smoking on the big screen:

7. Shah Rukh Khan

We all know that he is sort of a chain smoker who really gets in trouble due to this habit of his. But on screen it’s a different story.


He doesn’t smoke in most of the movies where he is usually playing a lover but there is a Don happening once in a while!

That flicking of the finger, that gushing smoke – it is style. He does not only look like a Don in Don 2 but like a Boss. You can associate that with the power of his character on screen. You simple gape at Shah Rukh Khan when he smokes on screen.


6. Saif Ali Khan

Now this one is absolutely wacky. I’m especially talking about his smoking sequences in the film Go Goa Gone. He’s like a Boss definitely, but a crazy one – meant for the laughs.


His other appearances also spell out hotness. Forgetting about the censor direction at the bottom of the screen is not a mistake only you made. It’s for everyone who looks at him smoking. We know him for his fashionable appearances but accompanied with the occasional cigar or cigarette – it’s a completely different story.


5. Ajay Devgan

He’s another chain smoker like the King Khan. Ajay Devgn, with his screen presence, his deep voice is already a Boss – accompany that with the cigarette – he’s the Boss.


That gaze while he is lighting one, the smoke – all are the ingredients to make one look stylish or crass in a scene. And trust me, he does look stylish. He is known for his strict, no-nonsense roles in films and smoking just adds to the seriousness.

Somehow, it’s difficult to figure-out how, but it does make him look like the only Big Guy around. Take a cue from Company.


4. Amitabh Bachchan

A bidi, a cigarette or a cigar – you give this man anything – and he is the Boss. With that look while smoking a cigar you do feel that there is nobody who can beat this man.


Even with the bidi, he looks quite the destroyer.

The on screen Boss cannot help but look like a boss even when he’s smoking, right?

All we do is gape, gape and gape.


3. Vivek Oberoi

He does it when he plays the roles of gangsters. You can (finally!) take him seriously when he is smoking and in a tough avatar.

Vivek Oberoi

He has a childish face which instantly bcomes sexy with a beard and when you add to that a bit of smoking, Vivek Oberoi is too good to pass.

Vivek Oberoi_2

2. Sanjay Dutt

He’s got the good looks of his parents and when he is smoking on screen there can be no other boss around – it’s only him.


Sanjay Dutt can easily transform into the mannerisms of a Boss owing to his good looks and that cigarette. A dose of great looks and oodles of style – all you need to set the ball rolling for an on screen boss.


1. Kareena Kapoor

Actresses do smoke on screen but who looks like a boss when she’s doing so?

It’s Kareena Kapoor.

Smoking a bidi as a prostitute in Chameli or a cigarette in Heroine, she is the Boss around when she’s doing it.

Kareena Kapoor

Her characters usually have charming personalities and when it’s about smoking, she makes it smoking-hot like a ruler, a boss.

You can also say that she has a killer attitude and great looks which in the course helps her look bossy while smoking. None of the celebrities, although, promote smoking in any way.

Kareena Kapoor