7 Incredible Gifts You Can Buy Under Rs. 500

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 3:36 pm


Gifts are one of those unexpected surprises that bring a huge smile even when a name appears. This is not only majestic for the one who receives it but also for the one who gives it to the person. Gifts are one such thing which does not expect reciprocator of money but a simple and warm “Thank You” serves the purpose in return. They are the extension of kindness, love, friendship and gratitude that you have for an individual. And if these gifts are economical they are all the more pinch free. Here are some really astounding and fabulous gifts under Rs. 500 and they are safe to the pockets too.

7. Crystal Tortoise

We have heard about crystal Tortoise and they are beautiful and chivalric. They not only look good but also are a special gift item for your career luck, health and wealth, and also family luck. As per Feng Shui they are best known as keen observer and must be kept either at Northern or the Eastern side of your house. To be precise it serves two purpose and that too within your budget.

Crystal Tortoise - Incredible Gifts You Can Buy Under Rs. 500

6. Key chains with digital photo options

What if you gift a key chain with an option of photo album in it? It is going to be awesome as you can carry a mini photograph of your loved ones in the palm. These photos are the most precious and close to ones heart. It is trendy, handy and compact and of course it comes at a low price.


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Key chains with digital photo options - Incredible Gifts You Can Buy Under Rs. 500

5. Handmade journals

Of course they are wonderful piece of gift for your in-depth feeling to the person you are giving that gift. Handmade journals are the special place where the person can write all its thoughts and feelings because of its untouched soft papers. They involve a personal touch and the materials used for the making of these journals are very cheap.

Handmade journals - Incredible Gifts You Can Buy Under Rs. 500

4. Candle Holder

Candles not only bring light to the dark area but it also enlightened the heart of the person who receives it as a beautiful gift. There is a wide collection of these candle holders in the market today. The shape for a little child to an adult and also the oldies are available. Everybody have their share of choices to make. Go and grab them without hurting your pocket.

Candle Holder - Incredible Gifts You Can Buy Under Rs. 500

3. Personalized Mugs

Almost everyone is subject to same kind of addiction in the face of tea or coffee. And won’t that be an eye soothing if you see the face of your loved one right in the morning on the mugs you are holding. Yes, here I am talking about those personalized mugs that add little more happiness to your big smiling face. You can add texts and clipart to make in more unique without shedding much from your pocket.

Personalized Mugs - Incredible Gifts You Can Buy Under Rs. 500

2. Chocolates

Well they aren’t the new ones but the most given and received ones. We all love chocolates and we love it all the more when they are given by someone else. So why not grab some chocolates as gifts that will be sweet enough to make your relation also sweet. Whether handmade or the market both will not burn those money from your wallet.

Chocolates - Incredible Gifts You Can Buy Under Rs. 500

1. Flowers


Yes, I have given them first place because as they bloom they shower that love to the person. And whether it is a single bud or a bunch of them both of them creates an aroma of its beauty which is magnificent. And they are the object of happiness and romance. The idea of giving a flower isn’t going to fade ever; it is going to last forever.

Flowers - Incredible Gifts You Can Buy Under Rs. 500

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