7 Health Tips For Those Who Work A Lot On Computer

9:37 am 15 Oct, 2013

The number of people who are spending nearly half of the day in front of computer is growing day by day. Many people have to spend nearly 12-15 hours on computers to meet their work demands whereas others sit in front of computers for fun time. The long hours using computers has many career benefits, but they also come with numerous health hazards. The growing field of IT industry and advancement in internet and computer technology has not only seen the progress of mankind in scientific frontier, but it has also given rise to many diseases related to computer usage. Studies have shown that people who sit for most of the day are 54% more likely to die of heart attacks, and we often sit to work on computers. If you are the person who uses computers for most of the day, then it is important to follow the 7 health tips to stay healthy even when you are in front of computers.

7. Eat healthy food:

If you are engrossed with your computers it is very likely that you do not notice your thirst or hunger pangs; therefore it is important to have reminders to ensure that you eat and drink water at regular intervals. Eat food that is easy on your stomach when you work. Do not skip meals just because you are behind schedule and have to catch up with your work. Carry some healthy fruits and snacks with you to work to keep yourself well energized. Working on heated computers, sitting under strong lights and in air conditioned spaces can cause dehydration. Keep a bottle of water handy to keep yourself well hydrated.

7 health tips for those who work a lot on computer

6. Exercise regularly:

Though exercise is required by everyone for a healthy living and physical fitness, it is more important for techies as their work has little scope for burning those calories. Make up for your sedentary works style by strictly following an exercise regime. Walk, cycle, climb stairs and do whatever it takes to break sweat.

7 health tips for those who work a lot on computer

5. Take a break:

Even when you are engrossed in watching a thriller in a movie theater, you will be given a break at the intermission. Take cue from it and understand that it is not safe to sit for hours at stretch in the same position in front of computers. Get up and stretch your body. Walk around a bit before getting back to your work. Never spend more than 2 hours at a stretch in front of computer without giving your body and mind a break.

7 health tips for those who work a lot on computer

4. Set the computer screen at your eye level:

Setting the computer at your eye level will help in maintaining a proper posture for your neck and back. If the monitor is set in wrong position it will cause permanent damage or injury to your neck and back, leading to debilitating chronic pain. The ideal distance to set the monitor is 45-60 cm or generally at an arm’s length away from the eyes of the user. Maintain your neck in a neutral position by adjusting all the computer accessories in their ideal positions.

7 health tips for those who work a lot on computer

3. Maintain proper posture:

Set up your computer in a place which will allow you to maintain proper posture of your body. Find a table and chair that allow you to have enough leg room and comfortable height for your legs to rest.  Have the keyboard positioned approximately at the height of your elbow. Do not keep the mouse at a distance where you have to strain to reach it. Sit with your back touching the back support of the chair. Land your feet flat on the floor. Keep your knees either at equal height or slightly lower than your hips. Give enough support to both your upper and lower back. Use armrests if you are comfortable with them.

7 health tips for those who work a lot on computer

2. Avoid repetitive strain injury on wrists and fingers:

The only physical movement seen in the computer user is that of fingers and wrists which can cause Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). The continuous typing on keyboard and clicking of mouse can result in forceful and awkward movements damaging muscles, nerves and tendons in wrists, fingers and hands. Follow the guidelines provided for proper use of keyboard and mouse to minimize the injury. For healthy, pain-free typing, maintain proper alignment of your fingers, hands, and forearms, moving them always as a single unit at the same time in the same direction, freely. Avoid jerky and strenuous movements. Exercise your fingers, wrists and hands in between work for few minutes.

7 health tips for those who work a lot on computer

1. Keep an eye on your eyes:

Eyes are the in the front line of attack when it comes to using computers. You often stare at the screen for long hours without realizing that you are straining your eyes. Not until you have to visit the Ophthalmologist will you realize the harm you are causing to your precious eyes. Give your eyes a break from the stress of work by relaxing them once in a while. Close your eyes and rest them for a few minutes. Walk up to your window and look at views which are at a great distance. Remember to blink when you are immersed in work or watching that amazing video your friend sent you.

 7 health tips for those who work a lot on computer

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