7 Glaring Blunders From FIFA World Cup Final between Germany And Argentina

11:00 pm 17 Jul, 2014


What can you say about the FIFA World Cup 2014 that had many talented players who are considered the Gods of football, but the winning goal was created and scored by two substitutes from the German team? It was an amazing goal scored by Gotze who exhibited perfect timing and technique to take Schurrle’s pass on the chest before calmly sending it into the nets with a perfect left foot sweep. The final score 1-0 does not bring you even closer to the match which had been fought hard with both teams faltering as though they were playing friendly match with a neighboring school. The intensity of the match made the viewers hold their breath until the final whistle was blown. Imagine some glaring blunders standing out in such a match, moreover, in the final of world cup. Here is a list of 7 blunders from the finals which could have made a huge difference if went otherwise.

7.  Misplaced header by Toni Kroos

It was tough to imagine what was going on in Toni Kroos’ head when he completely misplaced the header by jumping in the center of the midfield and placing it towards his own goal. The header conveniently landed in the path of Higuain who turned it into another and maybe the biggest blunder of his own. If the goal would have been scored, how would Kroos forgive himself?

Misplaced header by Toni Kroos

6. Gonzalo Higuain Shoots Wide


Higuain showed mercy to Kroos when he had the ball the goal all to himself, with no defender nearby. He only had Manuel Neuer to beat for an early lead for Argentina. Unfortunately, he shot the ball wide, immediately snatching the worst blunder of the medal from Kroos. What a sigh of relief for German team; moreover for Kroos. Argentina lost their chance of taking an early lead just 21 minutes into the match which can be rated the worst blunder of this final.

Gonzalo Higuain Shoots Wide

5. Misunderstanding by Higuain again

Higuain was in a hurry to make up for his mistake.    Maybe that was the reason why he was moving so fast not watching out where the other players were. He found his opportunity when Ezequiel Lavezzi sent him a perfect shot which he placed in the goal. As soon as he found the net, he dashed off like a man possessed until he realized that the goal was disallowed. He missed to see the flag go up. He will have to wait for a long long time before he can celebrate like that again.

Misunderstanding by Higuain again

4. Another Misplaced Header

What was it with the Germans and their heads (or headers)? This time it was Howedes who could have scored with Germany enjoying two corners back to back just before half-time. Howedes watched in dismay as his close-range header crashed into the post. Compared to the other blunders, this is something which can be easily forgiven and forgotten. After all ‘To err is human’.

Another Misplaced Header

3. Glory sweet so close

Messi showed his brilliance in the 46th minute of the game. Soon after the break, it looked as though Messi was breaking apart the defense of Germany as he silently slipped past the German offside trap. The offside flag stayed down this time around. Everything worked perfect as Messi placed the shot on his favorite left foot, but then he messed up and shot the ball just wide. His chance of being among the greats who won the cup for their country and fans was lost with this miss.

Glory sweet so close

2. Manuel Neuer’s wandering on the ground

In the 57th minute of the game, the man with nerves of steel and always dependable seems to have been bitten by some sort of restless bug. There is no other way to explain his wandering away from the goal, jumping up into the air like an acrobat, clashing and bringing down the already downfallen Higuain as he pumps out the ball. The blunder could have well cost the German team the match.  It was a close escape for the winner of the golden glove.

Manuel Neuer’s wandering on the ground

1. Shooting for the stars

What can we say about the last chance Messi had for redemption with Germany leading 1-0? The chance came in 120th minute of game when the punched and kicked around warrior Schweinsteiger brought the forward bursting Messi down from behind. Messi had his chance with the dead ball just 30 yards from the goal on the right. Expectations went high in the Argentina camp as Messi stood over the ball for a long time while Schweinsteiger was being treated for the cramp. Finally the moment arrives; he looks at the ball, wipes his face and then shoots the ball high over the goal emulating his feat in the 73rd minute into the game. Who was he aiming for anyway? With that goes the chance of Argentina getting back into the game and their hopes of winning the world cup.


Shooting for the stars

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