7 Forgotten Pop Artists Of India

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1990s can easily be labeled as the most glorious time for pop artists of India. These were the days when the Indian pop artists used to be the first choice for any music lover and every discotheque in the city played their songs. However, as times changed, and movies adapted to the latest music trend, which interested common masses more, individual pop artists started losing their charm. At present, there is rarely any one in sight who can bring alive the good old days of 90s.

7. Bali Brahmabhatt:

Bali Brahmabhatt was one of the most talented pop artists. He was at ease in composing pop and traditional music scores. Peppy numbers like ‘Aa ja gori bangar ki’ and ‘Pump up the bhnagra’ can still make a heart thump to its rhythm. Among his popular dance numbers were scores like ‘Amma dekh tera munda bigdaya jaye’ and ‘Aamchi Mumbai’. Nonetheless, as romantic numbers took over Bollywood in the 90s, pop artists like him struggled to remain afloat.

Bali Brahmabhatt - Forgotten Pop Artists Of India

6. Sharon Prabhakar:

Sharon was one of the most successful pop divas of her time. Later, with the fading away of the pop culture, she too made way to Bollywood, but failed to repeat the success. She soon vanished into the oblivion and it’s been years since we’ve heard her voice. She earned big name for herself in the Indipop industry with albums such as ‘Yeh Mera Dil’ and ‘Shabash Sharon’.

Sharon Prabhakar - Forgotten Pop Artists Of India

5. Sunita Rao:

The first time I heard her ‘Pari hoon mein’, that was during my school days. It became the rage of our times – girls in particular went bonkers over it. Sunita Rao became a pop icon and gave us hits after hits. Other popular songs by her include ‘Kesariya’ and ‘Dekha Dekha.’ But this sudden success could never be taken to the next level, or even sustained, and soon her time was over.  Her slow disappearance from the Indipop scene was a big disappointment for all her fans including me.

Sunita Rao - Forgotten Pop Artists Of India

4. Anaida:


If anyone should be given the credit for importing pop culture to India, Anaida is the name that comes first to mind. The gorgeous lady could sing in about 11 languages. Some of her rocking albums which earned her huge name and fame were ‘Oova ova’ and ‘Hoo Halla Hoo’. In addition, she was a trained dancer too. Her videos were a treat to watch for the spunk they had.

Anaida - Forgotten Pop Artists Of India

3. Baba Sehgal:

Known for his mesmerizing and vivacious pop songs, Baba Sehgal was a name to reckon with in music world of late 90s. Almost every music album of the stylish singer, who resembled rappers of the western world in his appearance, was a big success. He became a cult artist – Some of his most remarkable albums include ‘Dilruba’, ‘Thanda Thanda Pani’, ‘Alibaba’ and ‘Manjula’. Later he shifted to Bollywood, where he dished out feet tapping numbers such as ‘Orange kurta peela pajama.’ After spending many years in stupor, he has now entered acting world, performing in various comedy shows such as ‘Jugni Chali Jalandhar.’

Baba Sehgal - Forgotten Pop Artists Of India

2. Remo Fernandes:

Remo Fernandes, better known for his ‘O meri munni’ and ‘Humma Humma’ songs, was a rage among pop lovers of the 90s. The eccentric singer is known for fusion of different cultures and styles into his music. He also holds a rare distinction of having collaborated wiht international names such as Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin to name a few. But, of late, he is residing in his ancestral village in Goa with his family and there is no news of anything new coming from him.

Remo Fernandes - Forgotten Pop Artists Of India

1. Alisha Chinoy:

Who can forget the ‘Made in India’ girl who was widely adored for her singing and for the spectacularly picturized videos she featured in?  She was an invincible pop queen of her time and most of her videos including the one where she featured with super model Milind Soman (Made in India) made her a super star overnight. Unlike other pop stars, who failed to make it big in Bollywood, Alisha still fares better, numbers like ‘Kajrare’ (Bunty Aur Babli), being the most the widely acclaimed.

Alisha Chinoy - Forgotten Pop Artists Of India



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