7 Emerging Fields In Computer Science And Engineering

3:00 am 12 Jun, 2014

The intention of Computer Science (CS) is to facilitate people with intelligent devices for effective communication. This field has a multidisciplinary character that embraces individual researchers from subjects such as Psychology, Sociology, Mathematics, Neuron Sciences, Calligraphy, Physics, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

After innovating Internet in the mid-80s, the digital world has moved its focus towards machine learning and software engineering.

From developing chipsets for wearable technology to managing power grids, computer science is present everywhere. New technological connections have paved the way for new fields with in this domain.

Computer Science primarily focuses on transforming this planet into a shared workspace where IT (Information Technology) will be the harbinger of change. So, get yourself involved in the 5 emerging fields of Computer Science.

7. Network Architecture

The revolutionizing network technologies like SDN (Software Defined Networks) and NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) are creating conditions to reinvent the computer network architecture. Intelligent network devices have already started to improve network services through flexible infrastructure to overcome ossification by improving existing networks. The progress in the field of Network Architecture is happening at the edge of artificial intelligence and promises a bright future.

Emerging Fields In Computer Science

6. Computer Graphics

In recent times, Computer Graphics has revolutionized the world’s gaming industry by migrating towards gesture control technology. The invention of 3D printers has made it possible to get the exact copy of object’s structure located at another place. Now, people can print toys for their children instantly.

Emerging Fields In Computer Science

5. Big Data

Data scientist is predicted to be the sexiest job on earth by the year 2016. Candidates having strong data analytics skill will land them in the turf of big data. Big data is created by unstructured content like millions of tweets and comments getting stored in server space. The data scientists are responsible for extracting useful information from the heap of unstructured data. Useful insights are going to be an important factor for designing corporate strategy and valid inputs in product development.

Emerging Fields In Computer Science

4. Cloud Computing

Cloud is an evolutionary and fast growing technology. It has a scalable architecture for delivering software and hardware resources as a service. This platform in the modern IT infrastructure is an advancing paradigm. Cloud computing has revamped the entire ICT (Information and Communication Technology) ecosystem and supposed to be the greatest innovation after Internet.

Emerging Fields In Computer Science

3. Nanocomputing

From Intel’s Nehalem to the 4th generation Haswell architecture, semiconductor technology on computing boards are rapidly changing. The increasing demand for powerful computing platforms has forced scientists to use the applications of nanotechnology in computing resources such that they remain power efficient and cost-conscious yet deliver superior speeds. Internet today is composed of self-configuring and adaptive system where a network of sensors interconnects all resources in a loop. Smart devices are responsible for managing industrial objects to everyday tasks in an intelligent and more capable way. Nanotechnology just helps to provide an evolutionary and inspirational method for man-machine interaction. From the Gorilla glass of your smartphone to quantum technology, Nanoscience is working behind them.

Emerging Fields In Computer Science

2. Robotics

From managing tons of loads in large scale industries to processing data in the stock market, robotics is the wave of the future. Small robots will be used to control electric vehicles like the Autopilot of an aeroplane. Some scientists believe that millions of tiny robots can work in collaboration to design any tool by restructuring themselves. For example, your watch can be turned into a screw driver and vice-versa.

Emerging Fields In Computer Science

1. Quantum Computing

Quantum computing seeks to accelerate the implementation of new technologies in the field of solar cells, teleportation and supercomputing using the qubit phenomenon. Quantum computing will make teleportation a reality. The qubits are capable of holding both the 0 and 1 state at the same time. Scientists are just finding it tough to control qubit operations. But there are numerous opportunities for doing research in this field.

Emerging Fields In Computer Science

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