7 Elite Fighting Units In The Indian Military

7:00 pm 7 Mar, 2014

As we all know, India is the seventh largest country in the world, and one of the largest democratic too. And, no matter how much we pinpoint at the Government, maintaining such a huge country isn’t a simple task. Not many of us know that, apart from the regular Defense Forces and the Police Forces, the Government also has involved innumerable other elite fighting units bestowed with important and special tasks. The list here throws light on 7 of those elite Forces that most of the Indians are unaware of. They are—


No, we are of course not talking about the snake in here, but this special force is not an inch less dangerous than the real one! CRPF’s specialized division, Commando Battalion for Resolute Action (COBRA) is responsible for counter attacking the Naxalite insurgency. These forces are trained specially in guerilla warfare (the only team of the Central Armed Police Forces to be trained as such) which facilitates them to stalk the Naxalites but also to chase and annihilate them. If they find anyone guilty, they also have the power to head-shot them.


6. Special Protection Group

Well, this is one of the most important and “elite” forces as they are the ones to be responsible for the protection of the current as well as the living former Prime Ministers of India as well as their immediate family members. This force forms a part of the executive protection agency of the Government and they are trained with similar expertise that go on to train the United States Secret Service.

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Special Protection Group

5. Force One

Although sounds like a typical Salman Khan film, Force One is indeed a special counter terrorism team bestowed with the responsibility to guard over the Commercial Capital of India, Mumbai. This team was formed post 2008 attacks of Mumbai, on the shadow of the National Security Guards (NSG) by the Government of Maharashtra. This special team had over 3,000 applicants from the Maharashtra Police, however, a meager number of 261 personnel were selected and trained specially in Pune, after a hard regime at the DRDO.

Force One

4. National Security Guard

Renowned all over the country as the “black cats” (for their black uniforms), they are the Counter Terrorism Hostage Crisis Force of the Indian Government and has most of the soldiers coming from the Military Services, though numerous people from other services make a part of the team, too. With their main focus on erasing terrorism from the urban areas, it was this force which, after a relentless battle for over 3 days, put an end to the terrorist hotel hijacking case of 26/11.

National Security Guard

3. Special Frontier Force

With its inception dating as far back as 14th November 1962, this special paramilitary force was created to conduct undercover operations on the occasion of the 2nd Indo-Chinese war. However, later it was this force which helped India to cope with the immense communal riots in the 1970s and even had been a part of the famous Operation Blue Star.

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Special Frontier Force

2. Garud Commando Force

Begetting its name from the mythical bird, Garuda (the Vahana of Narayana), and being established in 1984, this special elite force is one by the Indian Air Force and consists of as much as 2000 specially trained personnel. The main task of this team is to undertake combat search and rescue, controlling the air borne enemies and radar busting among a massive hoard of other air operations. Currently, they are involved in Congo as a part of United Nation’s peace sustaining operations.

Garud Commando Force

1. Marcos

One of the most effective and important elite forces of India, managed by the Indian Navy, Marcos is known for their expertise in all the three sectors—land, air as well as in water. The team is (in)famous among the terrorists as the dadhiwala fauj for they are mostly seen in bearded disguises in the civic areas. Presently the Marcos is bestowed with the task of preventing the Pakistani terrorists to infiltrate Jammu and Kashmir through the Walur Lake and Jhelum River.


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