7 Different Ways To Say Hello

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1:00 pm 16 Mar, 2014


Language has evolved along with the evolution of standard of living. The way people used to greet each other has seen a drastic change. It won’t be shocking to know that there are a dozen different ways to say Hello. The reason for it can be many; either one is trying to respond to a greeting differently or the changing scenario has made ‘Hello’ a less used word.

Let’s have a look at different ways people greet each other:

7. Hey

A more informal approach to greet someone is ‘Hey’. You would most commonly use it with your buddies or your fellow mates.



6. Yo!

This is the slang version of ‘Hello’. It might look silly on some and might give the appearance of a cool dude to others, depending on their personality.


5. Wassup? / What’s up?

This is another casual version of greeting someone. If you are too bored of responding to a Hello with Hello, then it is a good change.

Wassup? / What’s up?

4. Hi

This is a universal replacement of Hello. It is being used to such an extent that it nowadays is considered a formal substitute.


3. Look who’s here? / Look who it is!

Mostly used if one is excited to see someone after a long gap. It expresses one’s enthusiasm on meeting someone dear.

Look who’s here? / Look who it is!

2. Greetings / Good Morning

A formal yet a good change from the routine usage of ‘Hello’. If used, this might give the impression of one being highly sophisticated.

Greetings / Good Morning

1. How do you do? / How’s it going?

It might look that asking this question might lead to an extended talk, but not really. This can be easily used without waiting for a response from the other end.


How do you do? / How’s it going?