7 Deadliest Missiles That Make India Proud

12:08 pm 31 May, 2013

The Indian Ballistic Missile Defence Programme is an initiative to develop and deploy a multi-layered ballistic missile defense system to protect India from ballistic missile attacks. With the test of the PAD missile, India became the fourth country to have successfully developed an Anti-ballistic missile system, after United States,  Russia and Israel.

7. Brahmos Missile:

Stage:  One & Two

Range: 300-500 Km

Playload: 200-300 Kg

Speed: Mach 2.8-3.0

Launch Platform: Ship, submarine, aircraft and land-based mobile launchers.

deadliest missile of india


6. Moskit Missile:

Stage:  One

Range: 120 km (75 mi)

Playload: 320 kg (710 lb) explosive or 120 kt of TNT fission

Speed: Mach 3 at high altitude and Mach 2.2 at low-altitude.

Launch Platform: Ship, submarine, aircraft and land-based mobile launchers.

deadliest missile of india


5. Akash Missile:

Stage:  One

Range: 30Km

Playload: 60 kg (130 lb)

Speed: Mach 2.5

Launch Platform: Army & Air Force

deadliest missile of india


4. Nag Missile:

Stage:  One

Range: Land version: 500m to 4km (Air-launched: 7-10km)

Playload: 8 kg (18 lb) tandem warhead

Speed: 230 m/s

Launch Platform: Nag Missile Carrier (NAMICA), HAL Dhruv  Helicopter, HAL Light Combat HelicopterHAL Light Combat Helicopter

Deadliest missile of india


3. K15 Sagarika Missile:

Stage:  One

Range: 700km

Playload: 1,000 kg (2,200 lb)

Speed: 700 km with 1,000 kg payload 1900km with 180kg payload

Launch Platform:  Arihant class submarines

deadliest missile of india


2. Prithvi Missile:

Stage:  Prithvi I-One, Prithvi  II-Two & Prithvi  III-  Two

Range: 150 km (Prithvi I), 250-350 km (Prithvi II), 350 – 600 km (Prithvi III)

Playload: 1000 kg (Prithvi I), 500-1000 Kg (Prithvi II), 250-500 Kg (Prithvi III)

Speed: 2.5km/s

Launch Platform: 8 x 8 Tata Transporter Erector Launcher

deadliest missile of india


1. Agni Missile:

Stage:  A I -One, A II-Two, A III-Two, A IV-Two, A V-Three, A VI-Three

Range: 700–1,250 km (Agni-I), 2,000–3,500 km (Agni-II), 3,500–5,000 km (Agni-III), Over 5,500 km (Agni-V), 8,000–10,000 km (Agni VI)

Playload: Strategic nuclear (15 KT to 250 KT), conventional HE-unitary, penetration, sub-munitions, incendiary, or fuel air explosives

Speed: 3.5km/s

Launch Platform: 8 × 8 Tatra TELAR (Transporter erector launcher) Rail Mobile Launcher

deadliest missile of india


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