7 Creative Ideas To Deal With Unwanted Gifts

11:00 pm 20 Dec, 2013

While presenting someone with a gift, it’s the thought that matters right? But this is certainly not the case when at the last minute you simply gift wrap two copies of the Hunger Games Books or those ugly jumpers. Generally, presenters of such gifts hardly waste any time agonizing over their purchase, and the receivers on the other hand will invariably avoid the much conundrum of pretending to adore the gift and then secretly hide the gift and try getting rid of it.

However, you don’t always need to put in so much of effort over such undesirable presents. Mentioned below are 7 creative ideas for you to efficiently deal with unwanted gifts.

7. Charity:

Charity is a super easy way to get rid of any unwanted or undesirable gift items. But make sure your presents are in good condition before you offer them to any charity shops or NGOs and other social welfare organizations. Majority of charity shops readily accept various toys, clothes or any other unwanted gifts, though they may refuse to accept electrical goods.

7 Creative Ideas To Deal With Unwanted Gifts

One quick Google search will help you find out the closest charity shop near and going through their terms & conditions will definitely solve your problem.

6. Return It:

If your wrapped present includes a gift receipt enclosed within, you always have a chance to return your unwanted presents. Go to the respective shop and see if they grant you a refund, store your credits or exchange your gift.

7 Creative Ideas To Deal With Unwanted Gifts

However, before making the exchange, ask the person for a proof of purchase. Remember to keep the present intact in its wrapper or box if you intend to make the exchange. Most retail outlets offer a period of 28 days to return any purchased items.

5. Swapping Party:

One quick and easy solution to deal with unwanted gifts is to swap them with your friends. This can be a convenient option for recycling of clothes too. Gather up your friends over a weekend gift swapping party and believe it or not one girl’s trash can be other girl’s treasure!

7 Creative Ideas To Deal With Unwanted Gifts

You also have various online swap sites available, which makes it even simpler for you to exchange your unwanted gift items with the products you require. It involves a simple procedure of posting the photos of your objects and swapping it over with the other members on the same site and that’s about it!

4. Throw a Yard Sale:

Make your unwanted gifts inspire the cleaner side of you. Get motivated from all those undesirable presents and go forward to clean out your garage, attic, or basement and throw open a yard sale. These sales are perhaps an ideal way to transform unwanted gift items and undesirable bunch of clutter into hard cash.

7 Creative Ideas To Deal With Unwanted Gifts

The only effort you are required to put in is in the form of the sign boards you need to put across in your neighborhood and you’ll see how quickly you’ll get over with your unwanted gifts plus make money too.

3. Re-gift It:

Some gifts specifically turn out to be useful from the perspective of re-gifting them. Maybe you are not too fond of the recent skull-shaped vase you received, but you might just happen to know a friend with a fairly more eclectic tastes and who will definitely love to receive it from you.

7 Creative Ideas To Deal With Unwanted Gifts

But, make it a point that the person who gave you the gift is not friends with the person you are gifting it to.

2. Auction It Online:

If you unwanted present includes any electronic items or something else of similar value, you might just consider auctioning it online.

7 Creative Ideas To Deal With Unwanted Gifts

Though it may take a bit long for your item to sell, unless the product is in big demand, there are various online sites such as eBay, Amazon Market place and Craigslist that have made it quite easy for you to just create a seller’s account and start marketing your gifts.

1. Re-Purpose:

This is a very innovative technique you can apply on your unwanted list of gift items and transform them into completely desirable form.

7 Creative Ideas To Deal With Unwanted Gifts

Supposedly, if you have received a pack of three calendars as your gift then you can simply cut out the beautiful pictures from the calendars and transform them into magnets, greeting cards, gift tags, etc.

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