7 Countries That Take Rock Pelting Very Seriously While India Stays Tied By Law

Updated on 15 Mar, 2018 at 4:39 pm


“An army officer used a man as a human shield.” This is how the headlines read in almost all the major publications following an incident in 2017. The nation was divided into raging debate when Major Leetul Gogoi used a stone pelter as a human shield by tying him to the bonnet of the jeep.




Many renowned and well-acclaimed experts took seconds before jumping in to condemn the situation. They even demanded ‘justice’ for the tied individual. They were compassionate about the suffering of the stone thrower but oblivious to the risk of the army personnel.



The army was responding to a call concerning the security situation at a polling station in Budgam. They went there to rescue the polling staffs. However, they faced about 1,000 angry stone pelters while returning. To ensure the safety of the polling staffs and other soldiers Major Gogoi took this decision. He further stated that this act helped in saving at least 12 lives.


Was he wrong or the moment needed this quick action? We leave it to you to decide. However, here are 7 countries where stone pelters are treated in a much grave manner.


1. Israel

It’s better to draw your will before you pelt a stone at an Israeli soldier. Why? They will kill you for the crime. Then respectfully will ask your family to vacate the home and then fill it completely with concrete.

2. Australia

If your intent to harm is proven then you are booked for 5 years in prison.

3. Turkey

Doesn’t matter if you have thrown a rock or not! If you are in a group of stone pelters then charges will be pressed leading to a prison sentence. This law is applicable even if you are younger than 15 years.

4. New Zealand

Staying in New Zealand and throwing rocks at transport can land you in jail for 14 years.

5. United Kingdom

The punishment for the stone throwers is governed by expansive legislation on a public disorder that was introduced in 1986. The individual throwing stones gets an average prison sentence of 3.5 years.

6. United States of America

As a rock thrower in the USA, you should be ready to go inside the prison on a very long sentence. Even the individuals who engage with the group of rock throwers can face the similar sentence. Also, your family members will be put on a no-fly list.

7. China

If you desire to get tied inside a chamber of 4×4×4 size, then stone pelting is something you can do in China. In fact, the chamber or cell is in one of the Chinese Organ Harvesting facilities. You will wait unless a patient matches your blood type and you seem fit for organ donation. On top of this ‘sweet’ treatment, the government will make your family pay for the operation and funeral (if any).

India is tied by Article 370. Drafted in 1947, this article gives autonomous status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It means that Indian Constitution grants certain special privileges to the state.


What do you think about stone pelting punishment in India and other countries? Let us know in the comments below.

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