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7 Companies That May Take Center Stage In Robotics And Automation

Updated on 25 August, 2014 at 5:07 pm By

It’s not easy to develop technology for exploration beneath the earth and far away in space. But some passionate people have taken an entirely different route to begin their journey. Robotics is something that fills up this void. The field of robotics specializes in developing automated enterprise solutions to capture fine details acting behind the scene. Researchers have developed drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-UAVs) to assist humans in risky jobs such as exploring new minefields, defusing bombs and patrolling the border.  Today, robots are found everywhere ranging from telecommunication to pharmaceutical industry. There are many highly specialized companies around the world dealing with robotics and automation. In what lies ahead, you can read about the world’s fastest growing start-up companies dealing in robotics and automation are:

7. iMakeRobots


iMakeRobots is a robotic company based in the Indian city of Chennai. The company is headed by Balaji Lakshman of Geeky Technology & Consulting. iMakeRobots has developed ‘Flip Robot Kits’ to make robotics an interesting and practical subject for students.


6. Robokind

This Dallas-based company was formed way back in 2011 with the aim of producing robots quite similar to humans. The company has developed advanced humanoid robots like the Zeno-R25 that are capable of making cool and realistic facial expressions. These affordable robots are known as social robots that provide a new and exciting way of teaching children and delivering therapies to adults.


 5. Knightscope

Knightscope is a technology start-up based in Mountain View, California. Knightscope has been named as the ‘Hottest Company for March 2014’ by Plug and Play Tech Center. The company has developed an autonomous data machine named as ‘K5’ that is capable of predicting and preventing crime. K5 prevents crime by informing people living in neighborhood. Numerous sensors allow machine to collect real time data, process it using predictive analysis and then send a message to local authorities about ongoing developments.


4. Tempo Automation

This San Francisco based company has developed an automation product capable of generating prototype electronic designs on your desk. The team has presented a desktop pick and place robot for performing surface mount assembly quite rapidly. It is best suited to people working in the motherboard design industry as this desktop robot directs all your efforts towards achieving accurate designs.

Tempo Automation

3.  Monsieur

This Atlanta based company has developed a streamlined robotic bartending system. With the help of this machine, customer service operations can be directly controlled via a smartphone app. It can also be integrated with your home automation system through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. This robot can dispense cocktails at your home as it has customizable option to adopt the serving size.


 2. Unbounded Robotics

This Silicon Valley startup was founded in January 2013. The company aims to develop a robot to replace industrial workers across all verticals. Unbounded Robotics has already built a hi-tech robot named UBR-1. UBR-1 is capable of performing tasks such as fetching beverages to your dinner table and unloading dishwasher in a little time. Another innovative product from this team of Willow garage alumni available for 35,000 USD bagged the top award at RoboBusiness 2013. This one armed robot is capable of performing high level mobility and navigating tasks.

Unbounded Robotics

1. Robocoin

Robocoin is a company based in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. The company manufactures Bitcoin ATMs for transacting cash for bitcoins and vice-versa. Company has developed a global network for a global currency exchange by introducing Robocoin ATM machines worldwide. The branch network is currently present in 13 countries with 12 currencies in machines. With Robocoin, your funds (bitcoins) are on the web which can be accessed anytime from your account using Palm vein biometric technology. Palm vein technology is much more secure than traditional fingerprint credentials.



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