7 Cars You Can’t Drive On Indian Roads

7:00 am 26 May, 2014

Have a ton of money and don’t know what to do about it? Fear not because we’re here to tell you…just where it shouldn’t go. Car enthusiasts always look at investing in cars which stand apart, and sometimes our own brands can let us down. Taking our Indian road conditions and driving pattern into consideration, here is a list of 7 cars you just cannot drive on Indian roads.

 7. Lotus Esprit Submarine

No. Wait. It’s not a submarine. Wait, wait. Yes it is. But it’s also a car! Why can’t you drive this? Ever had a gander at the state of our rivers? It’s so dirty and filthy, you might bang into octapussies on the way. No, again it’s not a typo. Octapussy is a James Bond villain and guess what!

Lotus Esprit Submarine

This car was actually featured in the James Bond movie “The Spy Who Loved Me” and was recently bought by billionaire philanthropist Bruce…wait that’s a different story. Elon Musk. Yes, he bought it. And this is not a joke. The car actually transforms into a submarine. But just imagine what would happen if one were to be cruising along the Golden Quadrangle, just enjoying the breeze, oblivious of everything around him and the car automatically transformed into a submarine.

Lotus Esprit Submarine

6. Hummer H1 

No educated Indian will ever buy this car. The Hummer H1 is so technologically advanced that it manages to give a whole 1 mile per gallon! That’s right, it’s not a typo. A whole mile per gallon. Now since a gallon is roughly 3.78 liters, it gives 0.42 kilometers per liter. But there’s a bright side.


It can hold upto 121 liters, which means you can travel the same distance as an electric Indian vehicle in one whole full tank. Still want to buy it? Then be prepared because most hummers come in a bright yellow, take up a lot of space and parking it is just ridiculous.


5. Limousine Cadillac 70

The Oscars,or any prestigious event, will always showcase an array of long, never-ending cars pulling up besides the entrance, just to let their over-hyped stars out. Yeah, these won’t run on our roads. First off, our roads are narrow and always flooded with traffic.

Limousine Cadillac 70

Just parking this car along the side of a road or even attempting to park it in a garage is out of the question. Secondly over long stretches of bad roads, which are ever so prominent, it could actually cause serious damage to the car and internal integrated electronics. Safe to say the Limousine is pretty much axed, and that’s why it made our list.

Limousine Cadillac 70

4. Mini Cooper Convertible

The Mini Cooper is sleek, well designed car. At just over 32 lakhs, the Mini Cooper provides a wonderful driving experience and all round sheer joy…outside India. Why? Because of the constant congestion and pollution of course.

Mini Cooper Convertible

There is just so much of pollution on the roads these days that letting the top down could actually become lethal. It’s safe to say that just about any convertible would be a wasted investment for Indian roads.

Mini Cooper Convertible

3. Tata Nano

“The 1 lakh wonder-car”. “The every house car”. “A car you can gift several people at marriages….” That’s all the taglines I could think of. The Tata Nano is truly frugal engineering at its best. When the Nano released, Tata was only super-confident of its success. But wait, there’s a twist! Nobody bought it! The Tata Nano lacks in design and aesthetics, drivability and safety.

Tata Nano(1)

In-fact, the Nano received an NCap rating of 0 (the NCap is the European version of safety standards, which is rated on 5). Apparently, the car was so disastrous in the tests that the NCap jury were more worried about their test dummies being destroyed than the car, because the dummies were 100000$ each and the car was 2000$. And on our roads, using a car which has no suspension, no safety standards and no space would be qualified as an attempted suicide.


2. Tesla

Elon Musk is now a common household name. Ever heard of the Tesla series? Yeah, he’s the guy who started it, and the hyperloop, and the space exploration mission….ok that’s off the point. Tesla, the most prominent name in the ever-changing world of cars. The Teslas are a super high-end series of hybrid and electric cars, which can travel upto 300 miles (480 kilometers) in just one charge! That’s almost 7 times as much as its Indian counterpart, the Mahindra Reva (although the Reva is a low end vehicle meant for the average consumer).


Sounds like a sweet deal, right? So why shouldn’t the Tesla run in India? Well, the road conditions to start. Tesla, in its own way, is a line of supercars built to tear the roads apart. Another slightly more important reason is that key word “charge”. India is a country with a severe power crisis. To rely on the full electric version would be naïve. When compared to the price tag of 100000$, the Reva seems to be a much better bet.


1. Lamborghini Gallardo

Truly one of the most spectacular cars ever made, the Gallardo will make you trip every time you hear it rev. It’s perfect for those long trips through Europe where the hood is rolled down and the wind flows through the car as if it was actually meant to take off, cruising at 200 miles plus. So why would anyone invest a minimum of two crores to see it stuck in traffic, moving at 20 kilometers per hour, testing it’s suspension every 70 meters?

Lamborghini Gallardo

Exactly, no one should! This is a true beast, meant to rip the tar off the roads. Since our driving roads makes that absolutely impossible (and also some sadists might just scratch the car for fun), it makes no sense to want to own this car anywhere near the Indian subcontinent.

Lamborghini Gallardo

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