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7 Career Choices After Graduating With English Honors

Published on 20 July, 2014 at 11:00 pm By

Since times immemorial, literature has been looked up as one of the best and greatest disciplines. However, with time, some people, especially those residing in India, have become so much infested into science and commerce streams that they see the end of the world whenever they chance upon a student of literature. This listicle goes out to these ‘sorry’ people and also to the students of literature who, like millions of others even from the “posh” science and commerce streams, do not know which type of (non academic) job to seek for after graduating with English honors. So, here you go—

7. Language Specialist


Do you know what the best thing about staying in India is? Well, you tend to know more than three languages always. Like, if you’re a Punjabi who has just now completed her graduation in English, then apart from Punjabi and English, you ought to know Hindi as well.

So, if you please, you can make a career out of it—you can be translators, language editors and language specialists for supreme MNCs too. And, if you happen to know a (or a couple of) foreign language(s), then the field is all set for you, my dear!

Language Specialist

6. Content Writer

Do you like writing and want to inculcate it a bit further? Or, are you eyeing the corporate sector? No matter what the case is, English literature graduates with a flair for writing along with a dose of humor are severely sorted after by the e-advertising agencies and blogs to fill in the posts of content writers. From educational, fashion and lifestyle contents to that of writing professional articles and web pages, you get to do and know a lot of stuff in this stint as a content writer. And, if you want to go completely corporate, all the e-business firms and other MNCs are constantly seeking content writers. The profile of an academic content writer is open for thee, too!

Content Writer

5. Content Developer and Editor

Although significantly a new prospect, thanks to the outburst of electronic media, the job of a content developer and editor is slowly spreading like wild fire. If you are an English graduate (or a post graduate) and looking forward to make a career in the corporate sector or simply make money, then this is simply the right profile for you. From private firms to renowned MNCs like TCS, Accenture, Capgemini, Thomson Reuters to the e-companies like Flipkart, a proper content developer and editor has become a necessity. So, if you fill in the bill perfectly, simply get yourself associated with any free online job portal, and see yourself shining in anyone of these companies in no time!


Content Developer and Editor

4. Subtitle Specialists

If you love films and if you have got a strong command over languages, then the job profile of a subtitle specialist is simply tailor-made for you. However, if you yearn for fixed hours’ duties and have strict likes and dislikes as far as films are concerned, please steer clear from this profile. You may have to see each and every scene repeatedly, sometimes even for hours, in order to pitch in the right translations; and, there is no guarantee that the films are going to be the type you prefer.

Subtitle Specialists

3. Assistant Editors

If you’re an English graduate with respectable marks shining in your mark-sheet, then look out for jobs as assistant editor or editorial assistant at the publishing houses. While some publishers (mostly the biggies) hire freshers through a thorough interview process, some other go in for a preliminary examination as well. Whatever the process is, it might just be your dream job which would allow you to stay put in your field as well.

Assistant Editors

2. Journalists

This is a job profile which English graduates all over the world have been seeking since ages. It’s difficult to get and initially too hectic but if you find you have the talent and the caliber to stay put in this sector, you’ll reach the zenith of success in no time!


1. Advertisement/PR

Yes, this sector too has been open for English graduate candidates for quite some time. However, with globalization and the outburst of cyber business, this sector is witnessing an all time BOOM!

But then again, apply for a job in this sector if you can work in a team at odd hours and have some creative juices running through your veins!



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