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7 Bollywood Stars Who Met Filming Accidents Recently

Published on 18 March, 2014 at 6:00 am By

We cry with them, we laugh with them and we are most concerned when they get hurt. Such is the affection of the Bollywood fan for his favorite actor or actress. It’s breaking news on every TV channel when one of our celebrities gets hurt. People display their warmth by collecting at their residences and then there are colossal outbursts on social media sites. Thankfully there have been no fatal accidents reported till date. Let’s have a look at a list of some of our most favorite stars who became a victim of filming accidents.

7. Hrithik Roshan


He is one of the most positive actors with an almost unscratched reputation in the industry. Always in touch with his fans and followers. During the shooting of Bang Bang he got hurt and had to undego a brain surgery to remove the clot, in July 2013. Such was his positivity that he said-

“Minor brain surgery to remove blood clot (chronic subdural haematoma). Should be rock n rolling by evening! U guys have a great day too! Supersonic!!”

Hrithik Roshan

6. Ranveer Singh

One of the most followed actor in the industry today with a huge woman fan following had suffered a complete spinal cord collapse during the shooting of Lootera in Dalhousie. The actor was carried out after the injury and was on complete bed rest for almost two years. He is an inspiration for many to pick up the pieces and start running again. In a promo interview with Anupama Chopra for Ram Leela, he mentioned the injury the same was as a passing cold with no hint of the trauma or pain that he might have gone through.

In December 2012 he was again hurt badly when shooting for the multi starrer Gunday. While dancing for a song on a high platform he lost his balance and suffered a deep cut on his cheek. But knowing him he soon got treated and back on the sets, doing what he does best.

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Ranveer Singh

5. Shahrukh Khan

He has been fondly called the King of Injuries too. There doesn’t go a year when he does not have to undergo ortho surgery for some part or the other. In various incidents and due to his high energy and insistence on doing all scenes himself, he has broken his knee, arm, shoulder and also suffered with a slip disk.

In a recent accident while shooting for Farah Khans “Happy New Year” he again got hurt on the shoulder that has been operated upon many times.

Shahrukh Khan

4. John Abraham

He had a near fatal experience when he was shooting for the movie Shootout at Wadala. In a scene where Anil Kapoor was supposed to shoot at him with a blank bullet from a distance of 15 feet away, he was shot at a distance of 1.5 metres instead. As a result he burnt his neck near the right side of the collar bone. John is a global role model for leading a healthy vegetarian lifestyle and took it in his stride without any complaining.

John Abraham

3. Aishwarya Rai

Most unexpectedly, but we do have one woman counterpart too on this list. The Miss. Universe while shooting for Khakee in a location near Nasik, was hit by a jeep that got out of the drivers control. Although the jeep was supposed to stop at a distance of 20 feet away, the brakes failed and almost ran over her. In the accident she got some bad bruises and also fractured her left foot.

Aishwarya Rai

2. Neil Nitin Mukesh

When you sign for a thriller directed by Abbas –Mustan, a few broken bones are included in the signing amount. Neil suffered almost four fractures during the shooting of Players. The movie was a remake of Italian Job. Even with a broken finger he continued working and did not let it come in the way of shooting.

Neil Nitin Mukesh

1. Akshay Kumar

A list of injuries runs parallel to the list of Akshay Kumar’s hits till date. He is the original stunt and action hero of the industry and has given innumerable performances that have been etched in the minds of moviegoers forever. The last injury he suffered was during the shooting of Rowdy Rathore in which his shoulder got injured in the scene before the climax. The shooting had to be stalled for a week for him to recover from the unbearable pain.


Akshay Kumar


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