7 Bollywood Stars Who Look Even More Younger with Aging

Updated on 16 Dec, 2013 at 2:03 pm


Aging is an assured phenomenon that leaves a certain impact on each one of us. But, there are certain celebrities in Bollywood who haven’t let age mess their looks. It won’t be an exaggeration to label them as evergreen faces, which have not let the effects of age bog them down. It may be Botox, cosmetic support, or just the will to take aging as natural blessing that makes them look fresh and ever young. They still manage to steal more attention than most new comers. We have all known a number of dashing male actors, going despite spending decades in the Hindi Film Industry. Sp, here’s a list of 7 Bollywood stars that look even younger with aging. Take a look.

7. Rekha:

Undoubtedly, Rekha looks much younger than any yester year actress. The sexy bombshell that changed herself from a fat ugly duckling to a gorgeous modern babe has more number of guys vouching for her striking looks even at 55 than most young divas today. Till date, she posses one of the sexist jaw bone, cleavage, shoulders, arms, waistline and legs in the industry. Though, people claim that she has been under the knife many times to retain such flawless figure, she attributes her dazzling body to yoga and healthy diet.

Rekha - Bollywood Stars Who Look Even More Younger with Aging

6. Madhuri Dixit:

Have you seen Mrs. Nene in her upcoming movie ‘Gulabi Gang’ ? In case you have missed the experience, here is a time to give a first look. The sizzling diva, ‘Dhak Dhak’ girl of Bollywood, appears as fresh as she ever was. The lady doesn’t look a bit changed or lacking in her looks in the movie, which is her come back movie after a long awaited gap.

Madhuri Dixit - Bollywood Stars Who Look Even More Younger with Aging

5. Sri Devi:

Actresses do make a stunning comeback and in the most spectacular way possible. At least adorable Bollywood diva Sri Devi of the late 80s and early 90s did this successfully. The ‘Chaalbaz’ girl was super spectacular in her new avatar as a homely lady in ‘English Vinglish’. And believe me you, she made as many heads turn as she would have during her youth.

Sri Devi - Bollywood Stars Who Look Even More Younger with Aging

4. Shekhar Suman:

Popularly tagged as ‘Amitabh Bachchan’ of the Indian television, it’s his wide presence on the small screen that has probably kept him going on and on, and over and over again. Father of Adhyan Suman, a struggling actor, who is more famous for his earlier link up with present Bollywood bombshell Kangana Ranaut, Shekhar barely, looks his age despite spending more than two decades in Bollywood. He recently shot up in fame after sculpting 6 pack abs.

Shekhar Suman - Bollywood Stars Who Look Even More Younger with Aging

3. Salman Khan:

Sallu Miyan, as he is most called by fans, is still the coolest dude of Bollywood to the present day. He might have turned 47, but that doesn’t put in the bracket of the “oldies.” Those who have seen him up and close describe him a handsome hunk with a face as fresh as morning dew. What also provides him a definite edge over his competitors is his well toned body that easily beats many actors half his age.

Salman Khan - Bollywood Stars Who Look Even More Younger with Aging

2. Aamir Khan:

No other male actor can beat ‘Mr. Perfectionist’ Aamir Khan when it comes at defying your current age. At 48, the ‘Ghajini’ actor looks as young as his nephew Imran Khan. This was ably proved in his blockbuster movie ‘3 idiots’. Anyone who watched the guy first time on screen won’t be able to judge his exact age from his appearance. His appearance matched his role and the movie became the highest grosser of the year.

Aamir Khan - Bollywood Stars Who Look Even More Younger with Aging

1. Anil Kapoor:


After Dev Anand in Bollywood, it’s Anil Kapoor who is believed to an ‘Evergreen’ actor. While there’re no confirmations on his exact age, several newspaper reports claim it to be 58. Even if it’s 53 or little less than that, as one HT report put it, it’s still hard to believe that someone can look so young and dashing despite having walked the earth for 50 odd years and more! Even now, Anil Kapoor refuses to let a duplicate perform stunts in his place. There’re no visible wrinkles on his face, stomach is flat like youngsters in their 20s and his 2-day stubble makes him look just perfect, on or off camera. Well done, Anil. It’s really hard to believe that you’re Sonam Kapoor’s dad, really!

Anil Kapoor - Bollywood Stars Who Look Even More Younger with Aging

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