7 Bollywood Divas Who Died A Tragic Death

3:00 am 11 May, 2014

Famous celebrities live majority of their lives in public eye and often remain in spotlight years after their deaths. Unfortunately, over the past few decades we’ve notoriously lost some of the most glamorous and celebrated Bollywood divas either because of illness, car accidents, drug overdose, suicides and even murders.

All thanks to the media, the Indian public is usually privy to every intimate detail revolving around the passing of the celebrities. Very often a deceased star’s most devoted fans find it very hard to believe that they’ve lost their favorite idol. News of high profile deaths often leads to rampant public speculation along with numerous conspiracy theories evolving out of the blue.

So, here’s presenting a list of 7 most shocking and mysterious deaths of Bollywood Divas who died way before their time.

7. Madhubala

Mumtaz Jahan Dehlavi aka Madhubala was one of the most glamorous and greatest actresses of her time. With her million dollar smile and unbeatable performances, she had captured the hearts of many of her fans. The legendary actress died at the age of 36 in 1969. Unfortunately she died a lonely death with not even a single person at her side when she breathed her last.

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Bollywood Divas Who Died A Tragic Death

6. Meena Kumari

Often remembered as the queen of tragedy in Bollywood, Meena Kumari passed at the age of 40 on 31st March, 1972. She died of cirrhosis of liver, a condition caused by excessive drinking. The saddest part behind her death was, when she died her blockbuster movie “Pakeezah” was still running in the theaters and unfortunately Meena Kumari didn’t even get the final chance to see how much her fans loved her and appreciated her performance.

Bollywood Divas Who Died A Tragic Death

5. Priya Rajvansh

One of the most beautiful and underrated actress of Bollywood, Priya Rajvansh was known for her outstanding performances in movies like ‘Hanste Zakhm’ and ‘Heer Ranjha’ during the 70’s. Her death is the most sensational in the list. Priya was found murdered in her bungalow in Juhu in 2000. Earlier speculations revolved that the actress committed suicide; later police confirmed that she died of excessive alcohol consumption. But the final truth was revealed years after when it was finally proved that Priya was actually murdered by her late husband Chetan Anand’s sons for the sake of property.

Bollywood Divas Who Died A Tragic Death

4. Jiah Khan

The glamorous Nishabd actress, who debuted starring opposite to the legend himself, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, was found hanging in her apartment in Mumbai on 3rd June, 2013. Though initially it appeared a case of suicide, but investigators are now not ruling out the possibility of murder angle in between. Adatiya Pancholi’s son Suraj Pancholi and Jiah’s boyfriend was allegedly blamed for her death. According to the charge sheet filed by the police, they have ruled out the murder allegations, but they still hold Pancholi for abetting his girlfriend to commit suicide.

Bollywood Divas Who Died A Tragic Death

3. Smita Patil

A national award winner, who is remembered for her impeccable performances in movies, theaters and television industry, Smita Patil died at the age of 31 due to complications during delivery. On December 13, 1986 the actress succumbed to her complications while giving birth to her son Prateik. However, it was only about 20 years later that director Mrinal Sen alleged that the actress died due to sheer medical negligence.

Bollywood Divas Who Died A Tragic Death

2. Parveen Babi

The first ever Indian actress to grace the Time Magazine cover, Praveen Babi faced a lonely death on 22nd January, 2005. Once a glam doll, Praveen had a very tragic end as doctors speculate that she might just have starved herself to death. Rumored to be suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, she suspected people around her to be conspiring to kill her at all times. She even alleged, legendary Amitabh Bachchan of planning to murder her.

Bollywood Divas Who Died A Tragic Death

1. Divya Bharti

Gaining super stardom at the tender age of 19 could have worked much more for her if not for her death on 5th April, 1993. This young and vivacious Bollywood diva Divya bharti fell from her 5th floor apartment right onto the concrete floor. Was she pushed from her window or did she jump herself under the influence of alcohol? Speculations continued to float until her case was finally closed. But till date the rumor mills churn out the conspiracy theories revolving around her husband Sajid Nadiadwala who is suspected to have killed her.

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Bollywood Divas Who Died A Tragic Death