7 Bollywood Celebrities Who Can Actually Sing

11:00 pm 13 Aug, 2014


Being an actor isn’t always glamorous. The amount of stress they have to cope with on a daily basis could easily outweigh the perks of stardom. And when they suddenly decide that they’re not stressed enough, they decide to take up another side profession like singing. Some were just born to sing while some aren’t. But who cares about the ones who aren’t. Here’s the list of Bollywood celebrities who can sing on a professional level.

7. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is undoubtedly one of the best actresses of this generation. Her performances in movies like Kaminey, Barfi and Gunday are proof of that. But PC’s not just a talented actress. She can sing! Her songs ‘Exotic’ and ‘In My City’ were received warmly but any song with Pit Bull is bound to do well. It just goes to show that even though they didn’t hit the billboard top…anything, she can sing. Now if she could only work on her lyrics.

6. Shruti Haasan


Little known fact about Shruti Haasan is that she’s actually a singer turned actress. Her first song was Thevar Megan, which she sang at the age of 6 for her father, Kamal Haasan’s movie. Post that, she lent her voice once again in Chachi 420. She’s also made many live appearances on stage, taking to the mike and singing Tamil songs almost better than they were originally sung. Now that’s some talent for you.

5. Salman Khan

Two things you didn’t know about Salman Bhai; first off, he’s a virgin…or so he claims. Secondly, he can sing. But not in that beautifully melodious voice we’re used to hearing. It’s more coarse and deep, but it gets the job done. His first song was Chandi Ki Daal Par, SoneKaMor from Hello Brother. Post that, he’s lent his voice to many of his own movies. His latest movie Kick features only Sallu, which gives this Khan something unique to boast about.

4. Shraddha Kapoor

Everyone knows Shraddha Kapoor, atleast after her amazing performance in Aashiqui 2. And soon after, she took up singing, voicing a duet with Ankit Tiwari, the singer of Sun Raha Hai Tu from the same. Now, her latest track Galiyan with Ankit Tiwari means that Shraddha will have to do more than just acting in her upcoming films.

 3. Alia Bhatt

Another actress who recently dipped her feet in the singing pool is Alia Bhatt. I know, she’s not the brightest star out there but if SoohaSaha proves anything, it’s that you don’t have to be smart to sing songs. Apparently your voice is controlled by something entirely separate from your brain. Who knew? Anyway, she’s received accolades from many Bollywood stars for her debut song. If only singing could improve one’s IQ.

2. Amitabh Bachchan

Is there a bigger Bollywood Actor than Mr. Bachchan? While this is debatable, one thing which isn’t is his singing talent. Amit ji has been singing his own songs for over 20 years now. Songs like BolBachchan, Paa and KhabhiKhabhi Mere Dil Mein stand as a testimony of his singing talent. But his rendition of EklaChalo Re has to be one of his best performances till date. Take a look.

 1. Farhan Akhtar

Undoubtedly the most prolific actor cum singer, Farhan has a truly unique voice. His songs have gone on to become chart toppers. Rock on, Senorita and TohZinda Ho Tum have been permanently burnt into our memories. He just makes it look so simple. Added to the fact that he’s a pretty good actor gives his films an edge over the others. That’s Farhan for you, a truly multi-talented human being.



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