7 Best Places In Nepal Indians Love To Visit

11:00 pm 29 Jul, 2014


Planning a holiday for the Indians is not an easy task. You’ve got to keep in mind a lot of “priorities” while chalking out the same. For example, if it’s a family holiday, one has to select such a place where the grandparents can find a bit of auspicious peace, the father can find solace, the mother can find some good bargains while the youngsters can find their bit of adventure (sorry for being stereotypical). So, in this list, let us ease you up a bit and find a few great places in Nepal where you can have a gala family vacation—

7. Lumbini

One of the first reasons which lead most Indians to Nepal is because it is the land of Lord Buddha. Lord Buddha is the founding father of Buddhism and is also regarded as one of the dasavatars of Lord Vishnu. Hence, a visit to Nepal will never be complete without spending a day in this peaceful abode of Gautam Buddha that has been regarded as one of the most auspicious pilgrimage sites since as early as the 3rd century BC.


6. Manang Valley


If you’re a sucker for a Wordsworthian idyllic place amidst hills and verdure, then you must keep Manag Valley in your bucket list. This place lies near the Nepal-Tibet border and is the inception point of 3 different trek routes that would take you to Lhasa—one of the vividly picturesque places in this part of the world! This place is a photographer’s paradise, an idler’s picturesque lounging depot and a nature lover’s true heaven!

 Manang Valley

5. Panch Pokhari

We Indians always crave to holiday at those places which offer religious sanctity along with vivid natural beauty with innumerable scopes for adventure. If you think we’re correct, then a visit to Nepal would be incomplete without a sneak peek into this place which is regarded as one of the major pilgrimage sites for the Hindus in Nepal. Panch Pokhari derives its name from the five auspicious ponds that are sprinkled around this area. Just a few kilometers above Kathmandu, this place lies at a height of 4,462 meters and is renowned for its unsurpassed beauty and pristine atmosphere.

Panch Pokhari

4. Kathmandu City

If you love shopping, if you love to seep in different cultures, if you are a social animal who cannot live without partying, then you must make it a point to stay in Kathmandu City for at least a couple of days when in Nepal. The capital city is like a Chinese box where you get to dig out so many myriad traditions, folklores, and cultures, and yet manage to get a strong urban vibe. And, while you do all these things, don’t ever forget to try your hands at the famous casinos of Kathmandu!

Kathmandu City

3. Dakshinkali

The abode of Dakshina Kali may be Bengal, but the Dakshinkali temple 19 kilometers from Kathmandu is regarded to be a much revered temple where all your wishes get fulfilled. Even now, every Saturday, the deity apparently seeks sacrifice of goats, hens, ducks, etc. all are provided for sacrifice on these two days. What we love is the route to this temple—through the cacophonous forested canyons!


2. Pashupatinath

Just 6 kilometers from central Kathmandu lies the revered and the holiest temple of Lord Shiva, Pashupatinath. The temple, built across the river Bagmati, is done wholly in Nepalese pagoda style and attracts pilgrims from all over the world every single day of the year. However, the entry of non-Hindus is strictly prohibited in this temple.


1. Patan

If you love ancient cities and culture, then Patan or Lalitpur must be there in your bucket list. According to the historians, this city was built way back in the 3rd century BC under the strict supervision of Emperor Ashoka. Among all the places, you must visit the Patan Durbar which is famous for its collection of bronze artifacts. And, if you love handicrafts and want to buy some, then do drop in at Tibetan Refugee Center for some great collection of Handicrafts!