7 Best Comic Strips of Calvin and Hobbes

5:06 am 5 Jul, 2013

Imagination, said Albert Einstein, is more important than knowledge. For it dares to turn the illogical things into logical and makes the impossible possible! We have plenty of present examples to justify the statement but for now let’s us leave the rest and talk about the GOD of cartoon planet “Calvin and Hobbes”. And none would be unacquainted with the man behind the scenes, the man himself—Bill Watterson. He started with this comic cartoon in 1985 and managed to draw more than thousand strips till 1995. Though all his works were more than amazing but still we have lined up some popular comic strips of Calvin and Hobbes. Take a look and spot that one favorite of yours:

7. You’ve to be 18 to smoke a cigarette:

This amazing strip where for the first time Calvin received what he wanted and that too –a cigarette. The best part of this strip (and also of rest of the comic strips) was that along with teaching kids, it taught a lesson to parents as well. A lesson of how a kid asking for cigarette or any drug for that matter should be handled.

You've to be 18 to smoke a cigarette

6. The fearful swimming lessons:

That old time when kids used to hate getting up in the morning and being dragged to the swimming pool. They hated the experience but not after they gathered that their favorite six year old lad Calvin also shares the same tragedy. This strip where Calvin was taught to swim in a dead man’s pose (the name itself is horrifying) and he feared it as much as he feared monsters.

The fearful swimming lessons

5. Calvin- knight in shining armor:

Not for us, the common people but for animals at least. In this strip Calvin appeared to be a savior for animals and beating the hell out of hunting industry.  This is where Watterson portrayed Calvin’s love for animals that was undoubtedly influenced by Hobbes presence.

Calvin- knight in shining armor

4. The Fantasy violence and terror attack:

The biggest mistake people make is that they think featuring something obvious is not an artist’s thing. But they are so wrong because people love reading the common things, the things they do in real lives. Bill struck the right chord with this comic strip, where Calvin fantasizes a terror attack to make all his toys as the victims. This is what we all did as kids. Destroying all our toys because it was a freaking terror attack—who cares it was a fantasy.

The Fantasy violence and terror attack

3. The scientific improvement:

The most hilarious of all the comic strips that made us laugh out loud with our tongues hanging out. So here this super intelligent six year old lad invents his duplicate (a clone) so that he could escape all the hard work. But amid all this forgets that it is his own clone and would be as much alike—lazy, naughty and extra intelligent. So the clone 2 created clone 3 and 4, exactly alike. The chaos created by all this makes us laugh to the extent of ‘falling from our beds”.

The scientific improvement

2. Teaching but no learning (Useless schools):

Mr. Watterson made this utterly clear with this comic strip, that schools teach us nothing except for making us capable to memorize. Calvin here tries to memorize some historic event with the dates, which at last screw him like anything. With this simple strip Watterson delivered a beautiful message that schools are not to teach how to memorize but to educate children, so that they could grow up to be a better human beings. He entertained us and educated us in the process.

Teaching but no learning (Useless schools)

1. The Quiet and ignored Calvin:

In spite of the entire nuisance he creates, Calvin is a quiet child who lives alone and has no friend except Hobble (we meant human friend) and his family. This is why he quickly connects to the children likewise. This comic strip portrays this part of those quiet children who never really talk to anyone (except their mind), have their own imaginative world and are pretty much fine with all of it. It connected superbly with all the ‘different” kids of the planet, for whom it was ok to be different.

The Quiet and ignored Calvin

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