The 7 Best Characters Akshay Kumar Has Ever Played

8:00 pm 20 Jan, 2014


Whenever we think of Bollywood—action, songs, dance and “hero” are the few words which inevitably strike our minds at the first go. And, when we are to think of one “hero” who excels in all these three attributes, we’re unanimous in shouting out loud Akshay Kumar’s name. Well, he’s good and you know it, right?

Although all of us have our favorite Akshay Kumar films, here’s a list of our favorite films in he played the character assigned to him damn well —

7. Dr. Aman Verma in “Sangharsh”

Ok, this film might have bombed at the box office, nevertheless, Akshay’s role in remake of The Silence of the Lambs, is definitely worth a mention.


His portrayal of the unjustly tortured and imprisoned professor Dr. Aman Verma was a nice break from the roles of the stereotypical “hero” that he had been playing onscreen till then. And, although this film flopped severely at the box office, both the “hero” Akshay and the “villain” Ashutosh Rana were critically acclaimed for their respective roles.

Besides the acting, there’s one more thing worth mentioning about the film—the songs, especially “Mujhe raat din…” – a soul-wrenching one indeed!

The 7 Best Characters Akshay Kumar Has Ever Played

6. Karan Joglekar in “Main Khiladi Tu Anari”

Yes, this was filmed way before we came to know of the Actor Akshay Kumar who has a brilliant comic timing. Needless to say, in this film, he is seen as a strict police officer who’s out to chase a murderer along with a frustrated actor, played by Saif Ali Khan, and thereby begins a thrilling and captive pot-boiler.

This film was one of the biggest hits of the year (1994) and was the first Bollywood film to be critiqued by the famous martial arts critic Albert Valentin. The action packed sequences separated by funny antics by Khan and sizzling Bollywood numbers like “chura ke dil mera” makes this film a great watch.

The 7 Best Characters Akshay Kumar Has Ever Played

5. Ajay in “Special 26”

We have seen Akshay as the hero, as the lover, as the fighter—but never did we see him in such a role as in Special 26.

In this film, he’s a con person who, with his special team, acts as a CBI officer and raids innumerable places all over India.

This is again a life-time role and nobody but perhaps only Akshay Kumar could’ve done justice to the role.

Well, what about the intriguing title?—please watch the film to know more: we promise this film won’t let you down!

The 7 Best Characters Akshay Kumar Has Ever Played

4. Vikram Bajaj in “Ajnabee”

This film was a welcome break for Akshay who, for the first time, donned the garb of a villain and took his innumerable fans to a welcome surprise. The easy charm and charisma doubled with a swift cunningness made Vikram Bajaj an endearing character. In fact, though this film featured actors like Bobby Deol and Kareena Kapoor, it was Akshay Kumar who stole all the accolades.

Among numerous other awards, he received the Film Fare Awards for the Best Actor in a Negative Role. Well, who would ever forget that sly smirk accompanied by the infamous dialogue, “everything is planned”?

The 7 Best Characters Akshay Kumar Has Ever Played

3. Krishna Vasudev Yadav in “Oh My God”

His role as Lord Krishna is definitely one of a kind in non-religious, mainstream Bollywood flicks. The tryst at the court and Akshay’s appearance as Lord Krishna along with the onscreen brilliant chemistry with the veteran actor Paresh Rawal made the film a “must-watch” for all.

This film and the performances of both the lead characters were praised immensely by critics and common film buffs alike. Among other awards, the film won the National Award for best screen play and also the Best Hindi Film award by IRDS.

The 7 Best Characters Akshay Kumar Has Ever Played

2. Dr. Aditya Shrivastav in “Bhoolbhulaiya”

This Priyadarshan psychological horror-comedy saw Kumar donning the role of a crazy psychiatric on a mission to rescue his friend’s wife from the clutches of Manjulika, a ghost who haunts the palace where they live—and thereafter begins a whole saga of a psychological thriller wrapped under the garb of a comedy.

Although Vidya Balan stole the major limelight, Akshay’s role was equally praiseworthy and won many accolades worldwide.

The 7 Best Characters Akshay Kumar Has Ever Played

1. Raju in the Hera-Pheri series

Ask any Bollywood buff about his favorite comic character, and he/she’ll immediately name “Raju”—the mischievous trouble-maker in Priyadarshan’s cult comedy series. In fact, it is with Hera Pheri (2000) that we came to know about Akshay’s inexplicably brilliant comic timing—and his onscreen chemistry with Suniel Shetty and Paresh Rawal is something that words fail to describe.

If you haven’t yet watched the films (well, you must be from some other planet then!), then look out for the one-liners by Akshay and Rawal, and definitely the way they entangle all the dilemmas at the end of the films!


The 7 Best Characters Akshay Kumar Has Ever Played