7 Awesome Lebanese Food Joints In Kolkata

12:53 pm 18 Dec, 2013


“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” 

Whenever we think of Kolkata, there are few things which simply prop up in our minds: Victoria Memorial, Roshogollas, Mishti Doi, trams and the accompanying endless list of clichés. But that’s not Kolkata all about. Yes, it’s true that the people of Kolkata are serious gastronomics and are really protective about their own cuisine: the people of East Bengal (now, Bangladesh) and West Bengal still fight over their Padma’r Ilish and Golda Chingri respectively, but due to globalization, Kolkata is also finding multi cuisine street cafés and restaurants bubbling up at each and every nook and corner of her streets.

Unlike other metros, where newer trends in fashion get more importance, Kolkata is susceptive to changing trends in cuisine.


The newest food wave to hit the city is that of Lebanese food! Delectable, delicious and almost fat-free, Lebanese food has all the qualities that every gastronomic seeks for! Besides, due to the opening of a variety of inexpensive Lebanese food stops, the cuisine has become a favorite of the youngsters in less than a couple of years! Let’s look at some of the best Lebanese easy-on-pocket restaurants that the city has to offer:

7. Lebneh:

Located at a premium position in South Kolkata, this restaurant offers a host of delicacies at pocket-friendly prices. From delicious and juicy wraps to low calorie salads, this restaurant is a hit among people of all age groups.

Lebneh derives its nomenclature from labneh, strained cheesy middle-eastern curd which is one of the basic ingredients of Lebanese cuisine. What distinguishes it from its equally good competitors is their endless vegetarian picks! Really a must visit for the vegetarians!

Lebneh - Awesome Lebanese Food Joints In Kolkata

6. Go Lebanese:

One of the oldest Lebanese eateries in Kolkata, Go Lebanese still manages to attract the scorn of its competitors by consistently maintaining its quality and taste.

Tucked off in a lane near Deshapriya Park, their Shawarma rolls are a “must try”. However, one word of caution—if you’re looking for a place where you can relax a bit while having your food, better skip this place as it is essentially a “take-away” shop.

Well, this is a reason behind their inexpensive rates and a massive youth customers.

Go Lebanese - Awesome Lebanese Food Joints In Kolkata

5. Royal Lebanese:

Also located near Deshapriya Park, Royal Lebanese has been serving sumptuous Lebanese food since the past couple of years or more. Although this too is majorly a take-away, dine-in service is available too.

According to the regular customers, they serve the best Shawarma salad in the city. However, my recommendation would be to taste their oil free Iranian Fish Tikka—after all what is a Kolkata food joint without a hint of delectable fish items?

Royal Lebanese - Awesome Lebanese Food Joints In Kolkata

4. The Blu Banana:

Although not strictly a Lebanese restaurant, their fame comes from the Lebanese cuisine that they serve.

Located in one of the most posh areas of Kolkata, Mandeville Gardens, this little place offers some great recipes at super affordable prices.

On their must-try list is an innovative and unique item Pizza de Lebanon.

Although the space is less, their seating arrangements are super comfortable, making it one of the most sort-after places by the youth for their famous adda sessions!

The Blu Banana - Awesome Lebanese Food Joints In Kolkata

3. Yalla Habibi:

A little-known restaurant located near Rashbehari Avenue, Yalla Habibi is a take-away joint which specializes in Arabic and Lebanese food.

Among the many items, Hummus Kawarma (hummus served with chopped lamb) is indeed unique and definitely worth a try! Although the place serves only 3 desserts, they all do demand a try at least!

One word of caution: this place is a bit on the expensive side and hence not really a favorite among the youth surviving on part time jobs or pocket money.

 Yalla Habibi - Awesome Lebanese Food Joints In Kolkata

2. New Vesselka:

Yet another take-away food joint, waving its magic wand around all the gastronomics in the city!

Vesselka in Ukranian means “rainbow” and true does it stand by its name!

New Vesselka in Kolkata provides an array of cuisine: from Middle-eastern and Lebanese to Mexican, Continental and so on. Although they make middle-eastern delicacies only on prior order, they are really worth a try.

If you’ve got some time in your hand, prior-order their Kebab Alcaabat Koftesy—I bet you’ll never regret it!

New Vesselka - Awesome Lebanese Food Joints In Kolkata

1. Shawarma Nation:

The best is always saved for the last — Shawarma Nation is the newest and perhaps the smartest kid on the block!

Great menu, even tastier food and drinks, amiable hospitality and a smart and hygienic interior—Shawarma Nation seems like the perfect package for savoring Lebanese Delicacies.

Located at the heart of Lords Bakery More, near South City Mall, this newest restaurant is giving a tough competition to about 25 neighboring restaurants and take-away food joints.

Although quite a restricted menu, it has become a favorite among many due to their confidence of serving 96% fat-free food.


Once you’re in the city, you can NEVER afford to miss this tiny but cozy restaurant. On the must try list, you have the Baba Ghanouj, Lebanese Tawook, Shawarma Salad with pita bread, Musakkhan (simply the best) and Laban (a curd-based Lebanese drink, a winner after a hot and humid tiresome day)! So, stop wondering about how the food might taste and just drop in there — you’ll NEVER be disappointed.

Shawarma Nation - Awesome Lebanese Food Joints In Kolkata

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