If You Ain’t Following These 7 Awesome Instagram Handles, You Are Following Nothing

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5:49 pm 28 Nov, 2017


Instagram is not just an app, it is the air that millennials breathe. From expressing our deepest emotions to posting uninhibited selfies, Instagram has become a small world that we call ours.

It is not crowded spot like Facebook or Twitter, where creeps and strangers reign, it is a warm place where you become a fan before you become a friend.

Over the years, this platform is called a locale of artists and dreamers. Writers, dancers, entrepreneurs, painters and photographers, all have branded their talent through it. But very often, it is quite a daunting task to “follow” the best among them.



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Well, worry not, we have filtered the best Instagram handles for you that are changing the way you see life and work:


1. India Pictures


A secular country like India can only be described in photos because words create nothing but intolerance. The Instagram handle, India Pictures, is doing just that by capturing the soul of all the Indians and making us think that India can be a beautiful and pure place just as a picture.



2. Bombay Bhukkad


Accept it. We all are internally Bhukkads, profoundly called now as foodies.  We have this uncontrollable desire to eat everything (or at least, try everything) because nothing solaces our soul than an appetizing dish satiating our stomach.

The biggest bhukkad on earth is this Mumbaikar guy who is either eating or making us eat through his mouth-watering desi photos.

Follow him and his food here.


3. myHQ


Travel and food are great but life is incomplete without work.

When it comes to work, most of us are still abducted by the age-old philosophy i.e work is a 12-hour rigorous workout at the same place every day. Wake up guys, myHQ is creating a work revolution in Delhi by gifting you the most peaceful and joyful environment for work.

Say Goodbye to your lousy office desks and follow myHQ for exciting co-working places because work is awesome when the place is awesome.

Bucketloads of energy, sea of #networking opportunities and an all-day #breakfast menu. Why wouldn't we love #coworking at #Qahwa in #SDA?

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4. Richa Nag photography


If you are living in India, you can escape everything but not marriage. No matter what fiercely we try to run away from this institution, someday, this beautiful day will find you.

Weddings are unarguably the most celebrated occasion in India and they are thousands of things and emotions that make it special and it is even more special when someone captures all of them. And Richa Nag does exactly that with utmost brilliance.


Follow her here.


5. Luminous deep


While most of us had romanticised living in the midst of beautiful hills, we often forget that heaven is indeed everywhere. In fact, there is heaven just below the earth but a very few have the passion to cherish it and Sumer Verma is one of them.

Sumer Verma is a professional underwater photographer and traps the beautiful sea world in his Instagram posts.



6. The Golden kira


Dogs wait at the door when they know you’re coming home. They dance for you with excitement when they see you. And when you are feeling low, they will simply snuggle you. In short, they are our perfect companion.

To celebrate them and their companionship, Instagram account, thegoldenkira, posts splendid photos of dogs to make you realize that a dog’s love is unconditional.


7. Rupi kaur


What lies within is gold and to unleash that magnanimity, we need words. Words that can heal, empower and touch you. Rupi kaur is one such gem who is fearlessly pouring her heart on Instagram and her every post is a discovery of deep human emotions.


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