The 7 Most Annoying Habits Of Neighbors That Need To Be Fixed

5:00 am 30 Mar, 2014


“Whether good or bad, accept the facts of life as they are”, these words I have written to address our neighbors. Not to mention but there are both good and bad neighbors around us or maybe we have such types in our lives but admit it that you can’t escape them. To be honest, people are insensitive and inconsiderate. You cannot expect neighbors precisely to be nice to you rather expect the worse from them. And the absolute annoying habits they have are much worse than they actually are. Few of these habits are illustrated below.

7. Pets

Once a pet comes at your neighborhood there is a whole lot of excitement but gradually the activities of that pet sucks. It turns our happiness to some major troubles of our lives. Sniffing is still acceptable but they will never bother where the pet is peeing or leaves his waste. The morning alarm still has some specific time but the dogs barking certainly do not have that time. I know that neighbor cannot do anything in that but what to do when it starts and stops as per their own convenience.


6. Annoying kids


Another bunch of commotion and nuisance. I am not against kids but the ones who are not bothered about their activities, assuredly they are not acceptable. Moreover there parent’s doesn’t even know about their kids so it is obvious that they do not take the responsibility of their habits or neither tell them to behave themselves at times. Discipline is useless for them.

Annoying kids

5. Parking car outside your gate

This one is really annoying. It does not make sense to park your car outside your neighbor’s gate. Well if you don’t have enough space to park your vehicle then make it or don’t buy the car. Unfortunately this is not understood and taken as a normal act without been realizing the agitation been given to the other person.

Parking car outside your gate

4. Arguments and fights

It is true that some people never learn to communicate politely. Their conversation starts with an argument and continues to a big fight. Though the entire neighborhood is compelled to listen and forced to acquire a headache for the plenary evening. Still there is no hope for harmony and pacification.

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 Arguments and fights

3. Littering at other’s house

In our country people are in great hurry when they have to throw their garbage. And not to my surprise the garbage will be outside rather inside the bin. We must accept that we are one of the most unhygienic people on earth and all the more displeasing to our neighbors.

Littering at other’s house

2. Borrow provisions

One of the old traditions in India and most irritating for the neighbors. It is not at all appealing for you each time to see this particular neighbor asking for some or the other essentials. I wonder whether they really keep essentials in their house or whole life went borrowing from people around. These people do not have a sense of shame rather they take it as a pride asking something each time.

Borrow provisions

1. Nosiness

Nosiness in the neighborhood is the amalgamation of the music and as well as the conversation which is higher than the normal pitch. Even if you request them to lower down the volume, it is all useless, falling into deaf ears. It is exasperating to our ears and as well as to our minds.



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