7 Animal Videos Sure To Bring a Smile On Your Face

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Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 3:42 pm


Don’t we sometimes wish we could understand the language of animals? Perhaps, the world would have been different in a lot of ways. But even when we don’t know what they are trumpeting, growling, bleating, braying, neighing, barking or roaring about, we do manage to find them funny because of their actions. Here are seven animal videos where, among other things, you’ll experience a blossoming inter-species love affair, the yearning for a lost friend and realize how stupid humans could be. Oh, and do watch out for the show of fearlessness from a brave young girl who should take up lion taming as her profession.

1. A dog in the life of a fish:

2. Hey Bob, where the hell are you? I am up here, Ed:

3. Riding Monkey, Running Goat:


4. So what if I am 90 kg! I wanna sit on your lap:

5. Show some respect! How dare you poke the King:

6. Men, not chimps are dumb. This video is evidence:

7. Who is the boss? Who is the boss?