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7 African Safari Trips To Try Before You Die

Updated on 26 August, 2019 at 12:13 pm By

Africa has the largest combination of flora and fauna in this world. Wild populations of carnivorous and herbivorous animals range freely. It also has a large variety of amphibians. It boasts of 198 protected marine areas, 50 biosphere reserves and over three thousand protected zones. If wild life, safaris and tribal life interests you, here’s telling you about 7 African Safari Trips you must try before you die.

7. Chobe and Delta

Chobe and Delta is one of the best locations in Botswana, with excellent views of the Chobe river and a rare combination of game drives and river cruises, to have a memorable experience.


The lodge is situated on the bank of the river and shares a border with Chobe national park. The park is well known for a high number of elephant families.

6. Kalahari and Okavango

This is a unique journey as on one side we have the lush Okavango and on the other side the merciless Kalahari Desert. Home to the bushman, you get an inside look into their lives. The deception valley as it is popularly called gives a chance to see their culture and living style. You will be guided about their hunting skills, culture and craft.

On the Okavango Delta, is situated an island of Xaxaba which is surrounded by palms and is surrounded by a lagoon. There are rare bird and mammal sightings here.

5. Elewana Flying Safari

The Elewana Flying Safari is a spectacular and innovative safari. It includes Northern Tanzania and offers an exceptionally unique game viewing experience. It is one of the most popular safaris. You can spend a full day exploring the Ngorongoro Crater.

Flying Safari

Drives in the Serengeti migration camp are full of surprises, with lots of game to view. You can pay a visit to the Manyara National Park. Horseback riding, cycling, are some of the activities offered. Evening and sundown are great time for game drives.

Game drives

4. Sanctuary Olonana

This is an ideal getaway for people who want a break. You can witness the miracle called Great Migration here. The Masai Mara National reserve is one of Africa’s greatest and most well known parks. Billions of wild beasts go on an annual voyage to Serengeti ecosystem for fresh water and grass. Best time to visit is between July and October.

Mara is a must place to visit, as it offers a sightings of numerous herds of elephants, zebra, eland and buffaloes. These plains offer rich food and vast pastures. Most importantly you get to see the big cats in action. Lions, hyenas, cheetahs, leopards, wild dogs, jackals are known to cross your path, since you are on their territory. Crocodiles are also plentiful in the Mara River.

3. The Elephant Camp, Ngoma Safari Lodge, Xakanaxa Camp

The splendors of Victoria Falls and their diversity can be witnesses in this adventure. The Falls look breathtaking and are a sight to remember.

Xakanaxa Camp

The elephant camp is very close to them and is very near to a water hole that is fed by a natural stream. It’s an ideal spot to take pictures of birds and other animals that come here in search of water.

Natural stream

2. Tau Pan Camp, Nxai Pan, Jack’s Camp, Kwara Camp, Sussi & Chuma

This is an excellent summer safari, which emphasizes on Central Kalahari and Makgadigadi National park.

Tau Pan Camp is located inside the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR) right on the border of the sensational Tau Pan. The location is on a sand ridge that overlooks and offers views of the water hole and the horizon.

1. The Central Kalahari Game Reserve

The most thrilling among one of the best African safari trips, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is famous for animals such as springbok, zebra, migratory birds and wildebeest. The famous black maned lion of Kalahari and other predators are found here.


Raptors from the most common to the most rare are seen regularly. A sight to see is the Namaqua which come to drink water and take a bath in the water holes. Tau Pan is situated inside a game reserve and an ecological sensitive area, as a result drives in the night and game drives are banned.


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